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January Art Gallery

Before we begin this post can we just take a minute to realise that we have successfully reached the END of the first month of the new year?!?!? This also means for us Australians and everyone else who lives in the Southern Hemisphere that we are halfway through Summer! This month had been a successful one filled with many trips to the beach, post Christmas shopping sprees, my birthday, lazing around with my boyfriend before he leaves in February to med school and of course, more time working on my Instagram posts. As I mentioned previously, each month I will share an ‘inspiration’ mood board collating all the photos that have inspired me. In January I was inspired by dewy red cranberry makeup looks, the women’s march and the collective love that everyone had as they stood together in solidarity to speak up to what they believed in and of course anything that sparkled. Leave me a comment and let me know what you were inspired by and what your favourite inspiration picture was ^_^

Inspo Board: Melted Goodness

For the past few weeks I have been enthralled by soft, warm and dewy tones on the skin that radiate hydration and glow. This month I have been experimenting with neutral and warm eyeshadows and realised that a girl can never have enough eyeshadow palettes, and there is no such thing as two colours being exactly the same (no matter how closely aligned the undertone shades are). My everyday makeup routine now consists of applying hydrating sprays throughout the day to maintain that healthy and borderline obsessive dewiness. I’ve also replaced my mattifying primer with a dab of Marajuca oil on the cheeks. And my usual black winged eyeliner is replaced with a brown gel eyeliner on top of either warm honey brown or soft reds all over the eyelid. Glossy lips are the absolute essential for this look not to mention how terrific they make your lips feel! Long gone are the days where you are struggling to piece sentences together that require little syllables since the more you twist your mouth, the more …

Don’t We Have It All?

  I am currently listening to a remix of ‘Lost Frequencies‘ (click on the song name for 2 and a half minutes of ear-gasm) and became immersed in recollections and ideas that have been on my mind recently as well as a sudden spark of thoughts so I hastily opened my blog and here I am typing away. I hope my conglomerated flow of ideas aren’t too confusing to understand. Listening to this song struck a chord for me; I don’t know if it was the upbeat bass that always gets me pumped up, or the simple lyrics leaving room for interpretation. Either way, I was suddenly taken on a journey starting from my childhood and ending up to present day. I was on a magic carpet ride of notes and tunes lulling me from my memories of the past to present day me. ‘I can fly high, I can go low’ transported me to when I was 6 years old. Fingers sticky from lemonade icy poles and wearing brightly coloured scrunchies, I dreamt of what I …