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Drake Tour 17 | Boy Meets World, Sydney Australia

A photo diary of one of the best concerts of my life (to date): This 3D holographic moon rose from the ground at first appearing as transparent drapes that hovered to the top of the arena. For every song, the ‘moon’ changed colours into the different phases of each season. This was the clearest shot because I was sitting at the very back high end of the arena, but I love how the lighting makes it look as though he’s just a shadow. This photo wa taken from the screen where Drake was performing. Outfits of the night XD I was SO comfy in this attire and so glad that by the end of the night, I didn’t experience the usual sore feet and sweaty body haha. How beautiful is that artificial moon? Drake Playlist: If you want to check out my playlist, just type in the username stephturek_1                    

Models Hadid Sisters Street Style

Bella and Gigi Hadid have been killing it this year with their street style, staying ahead and up to date with the hottest fashion and beauty trends. Both being professional runway models and constantly being surrounded by other IT girl models and creative designers can also explain why their style is always ‘on point’. Although they are twins, their style couldn’t be anymore different. Gigi Hadid’s style is more of a refined and minimalistic look whereas Bella Hadid is edgy and modern with an eclectic twist. One thing I’ve noticed from both sisters however is their love for denim, and whether it’s a double denim on denim or a sequinned top with distressed navy jeans, if it’s anyone who can pull off a quirky look, it’s the Hadid’s. I’ve stalked their Instagram (as I do on a daily basis) and screenshotted my favourite looks from the sisters. And even better, I’ve even linked similar looks so you don’t have to stress about where to find their outfit pieces. All the hard work, anxiety and panic …

Weekend OOTD | Denim Dressing

Hi guys! Today’s outfit is a super comfy and stylish one that is currently perfect to host under Sydney’s fluctuating weather conditions. I bought this denim dress from Topshop and this halter necked design can either be a hit or miss. It’s tight on the upper body from your chest upwards but then flows into a structured bottom which can make you look a little shapeless. However, because it was short, the balance between the box-y waist and the height was just right, elongating your legs and giving it the ultimate effortless party look. I paired it with some silver necklaces from Sportsgirl and my favourite pointy cut out boots from Marco Gianni. Let me know if you have something similar to this or what you would love to read in my next post 🙂

Date Night | OOTD

There is nothing more stunning than a classic navy (that’s right navy, not black) long dress that clings to your body and flows effortlessly at the end. Every girl should have the staple navy dress in their wardrobe as this refined classic colour suits almost every occasion. And unlike the classic black dress, navy brings a warmth of colour and lightens up any event and in my opinion, suits almost every skin tone. I purchased my navy dress a year ago on an online boutique store for a uni formal and found that it was very versatile to pair with jewellery, heels and various make up looks to completely transform the whole look and essence of this dress. What will you wear your navy dress to? xx

Valentines Day Lookbook | 2017

Happy Valentines Day everyone! With this special day coming up in less than a day, I have put together a lookbook for every Valentine’s Day related occasion. Whether it is a romantic night out on a la carte dinner overlooking the backdrop of your local city, or a cute date that requires an outfit practical enough to walk in (or at least look like you’re comfortable), this lookbook has got you covered. And to all you single gals out there, happy Gal-entines Day. Who says you can’t still have fun with all your favourite girl pals and dress up or have a quiet night with the people who mean the most to you. Whatever your plans, make sure it’s a good one!! CLICK HERE to view the FULL video !

All Hallow’s Eve | 2016

Halloween in today’s digital age is the perfect opportunity to dress up and take masses of photos with your friends on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat (using the Halloween special effect filters of course) without anyone thinking that you’re too overly conceited and vain. Although Halloween is said to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain to ward off ghosts and evil spirits, it quickly became a renowned tradition in America. Today, Halloween is celebrated all over the world with the help of social media glorifying and extending the practice of ‘trick or treating’  and jack-o’-lantern carving. It is a battlefield in the world of Instagram of who has the most exquisite Halloween costume or who is able to replicate the characters of Harley Quinn or Mia Wallace the best. Celebrities and social media influencers have definitely transformed Halloween into a glamourised fashion show…not that I’m complaining. Any excuse to dress up and take photos is fine by me. This year I went as a skeleton gal (or ghoul if I want to be punny), using an …