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A Day At The Art Gallery

One of my favourite things to do during the Winter time is visit the art gallery and I do so every year when the weather gets cold. It’s such a place of relaxation as you wander aimlessly amongst the artworks and passerby’s in silence. I’m not exactly an art-sy person but I’m really into Renaissance paintings and works from the early European period. Here are a few snapshots of my favourite artworks from the Art Gallery of NSW.   P.s. Check out my ultimate guide to the perfect outfit and make-up look for a day at the Art Gallery!   

February Faves

Being the shortest month of the year, February felt almost non existent. But at the same time, it also felt like one of the longest months as it was a month full of departures for me. In saying that, I had a lot of free time this month and spent a lot of days browsing endlessly and I managed to find a lot of fave goodies. I’ve divided it into categories because I do have quite a few to share and thought it would be easier to read this way. Enjoy! To Read: We need to talk about Kevin I purchased this book in December and only got into it this month once the festive holiday season died down and found myself being so attached to it. It’s a psychological drama (what a surprise) book that delves into the life of 15 year old Kevin who killed his classmates in a high school massacre. It’s written through letters in the perspective of his mother as she turns back to her past, her honest opinions on being a …

January Art Gallery

Before we begin this post can we just take a minute to realise that we have successfully reached the END of the first month of the new year?!?!? This also means for us Australians and everyone else who lives in the Southern Hemisphere that we are halfway through Summer! This month had been a successful one filled with many trips to the beach, post Christmas shopping sprees, my birthday, lazing around with my boyfriend before he leaves in February to med school and of course, more time working on my Instagram posts. As I mentioned previously, each month I will share an ‘inspiration’ mood board collating all the photos that have inspired me. In January I was inspired by dewy red cranberry makeup looks, the women’s march and the collective love that everyone had as they stood together in solidarity to speak up to what they believed in and of course anything that sparkled. Leave me a comment and let me know what you were inspired by and what your favourite inspiration picture was ^_^

Whats In A Room

I was recently looking at my old iMovie clips where I used to film and edit short clips and happened to stumble upon a ‘room tour’ video from 2 years ago. A lot has changed since in regards to the design, layout, what products I use and my personal style. I used to love intricate detailings and I was obsessed with cute and girly things.. in other words everything had to be pink and luscious. I’ve screenshotted my favourite stills from the video and hope you enjoy these aesthetically pleasing shots of what used to be my bedroom ^_^ My dresser with my old favourites including a vintage angel candle that was my grandma’s and I now use as a jewellery holder, Glasshouse scented candle in Tahaa, easter bunny from my aunty, skull from Daiso, vintage mini plate with renaissance designs that I use as my everyday jewellery holder.  I thought the Tiffany box complimented the bunny. When I was younger, the only thing I wanted in life was a studious pink desk with mini …

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words.

People say that our life is but a mere interpretation, a huddle of our thoughts, emotions and stories melded into one. The saying ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ revealing how although we are all human, made of the same skin, flesh and bones living on this same Earth, our experiences are individually, drastically different. It’s kind of like art. How each viewer, staring at the exact same painting, visual or template will gather their own interpretation of what that ‘art’ is through their assortment of jumbled up personal experiences and viewpoints. I’m not exactly an ‘artsy’ person. I cannot and I really mean it when i say that I cannot draw to save the life of me (and the whole human race if ever I was presented in that dilemma). However, when I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney yesterday, it was overall a lovely experience and I soaked in as much as I could. There were 2 levels of artwork pieces sprawled throughout, and the main theme centering the art space …