Name: Stephanie Turek

Age: 21

Location: Sydney, Australia

My name’s Stephanie and I’m currently in my final year studying a Bachelor’s of Journalism at UTS.

I decided to make this blog to share and create a digital platform of my thoughts, favourite things (mostly fashion and beauty related), music, film and everything else in between.

Ever since I was very young, I enjoyed reading and creative writing, and, as time went on I started getting more into styling outfits and putting together different looks. I would describe my personal style as minimal, chic and a bit of boho but it usually depends on the day or the latest film or music video I watched last. For example, I remember watching Lolita for the first time and throughout that month my wardrobe consisted of overalls, floral cropped tops and pastel denim shorts.

Apart from lookbooks and OOTD’s, I also want to share life in Sydney Australia, using lots of visual diary photosets!

I am hoping this blog serves as a professional (but equally personal) space for you to get to know me better and enjoy reading my posts just as much as I enjoy posting ^_^

Steph xx

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