How To Find Your Everyday Fashion Style

When it comes to fashion, it’s so easy to get lost in the trends or get caught up in what’s hot and what’s not that you can end up feeling a bit or overspending and having a pile of unwanted pieces hanging in the corner of your wardrobe. 

I’ve compiled a helpful guide in finding out your everyday fashion style because, lets face it, developing your own fashion sense tells the world who you are and a great outfit can ultimately make or break your day!

Complete the short quiz down below to find out what your everyday fashion style is: 

1. You can’t leave your house without:

A. Cute satchel

B. A statement handbag to match with your current outfit

C. Your favourite designer bag

D. No fussed as long as it fits everything

E. A comfy and reliable backpack

2. Your morning routine usually consists of:

A. Tinted moisturiser and pink lips

B. Winged eyeliner, baking under the eyes and bright lips

C. Anything that contains SPF

D. I can live without makeup

E. Bronzer and brows

3. Your lifestyle is mostly:

A. Studying

B. Travelling nomad

C. Studying & working

D. Studying

E. I just take whatever life throws at me

4. Your ideal vacation would be:

A. A romantic trip to the city of love-Paris

B. Exploring the rich history of Rome

C. Shopping spree in LA

D. Sipping mojitos in Hawaii

E. Backpacking around the villages of Vietnam

5. Biggest style icon:

A. Jane Birkin

B. Madonna

C. Coco Chanel

D.Audrey Hepburn

E. Marilyn Monroe

6. Favourite colour:

A. Pink

B. Orange

C. Blue

D. Black

E. Green

7. Favourite trend so far:

A. Faux suede slides

B. Mustard clothes

C. Pearls

D. Anything denim

E. Belt bags

Mostly A’s:


Soft and Romantic: A romantic at heart, your style is soft and feminine! You love anything that comes in pastel hues and floral prints. Your go-to staples includes flowy dresses, midi skirts, sheer fabrics and lacy tops (or anything lacy when it comes to that). When it comes to accessorising, you opt for pearls and anything that glitters is gold in your eyes!

Mostly B’s:


Bold and Beautiful: Bigger is better in your eyes! Your style is bold and beautiful and you aren’t afraid to take chances including what you wear. For your fashion staples, anything that is colourful and big is a thumbs up, including printed shirts, high waisted pants and patterned skirts. Statement accessories are a must have to get everyone talking including oversized earrings and headscarves for any season!

Mostly C’s:


Classic and preppy: If Blair Waldorf was a real person and not just a character from Gossip Girl, you two would be BFFS! Your style is classic and preppy and you opt for pieces that never go out of style. You’re definitely a quality over quantity person so look for investment pieces including a leather jacket, anything tweed, espadrilles and a little black dress to dress up or down. Rings and necklaces are a must have accessory in your life to add that personal and unique touch to your everyday style.

Mostly D’s:


Simple and minimalist: You tend not to dabble in petty little things and feel as though you have bigger and more important things to worry about than what you’re wearing. Your style is simple and minimalist! A classic blazer is everything to you and you love monochromatic pieces because it makes you look confident (and because who has time to pair head-to-toe outfits). Your go-to staples would include white skinny jeans, a clean, fitted dress and a bunch of good quality basics.

Mostly E’s:


Modern and edgy: Always one step ahead of everyone else in the fashion world,  your style is modern and edgy! Being bold and the centre of attention comes naturally to you so you love pairing your outfits with bright colours and graphic details such as sequinned collars, metallic buttons or flared sleeves. Your wardrobe is full of pieces straight from the runway including faux animal print coats, checkered blazers and a fun latex midi skirt. You can’t leave the house without a cute beret or statement sunnies.


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