The fastest growing beauty influencers in the world (how to be MORE like them)

2017 has been the year that social media has transformed the digital landscape, and if you’re a blogger it’s safe to say that you’ve already noticed these rapid changes first hand (let’s NOT mention algorithms and engagement drops).

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing some of the fastest growing beauty influencers of 2017 and how to be MORE like them in terms of social influencer success!

  1. Aimee Song



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    Probably one of the OG’s of Instagram, Aimee has been on social media for a while now, but 2017 has seen her sky rocket her millions of followers mass and proves just how much Instagram can do for an influencer. She has published her New York Times bestselling book, ‘Capture your style’ (a must read for Instagrammers or bloggers starting out) and also released an ‘Aimee Song’ Barbie doll! If there is anything more that I want to achieve out of life it’s to have my very own version of me as a Barbie Doll XD

    Influencer tips: Aimee loves to share her success and tips with her followers and is very vocal about the tricks of the trade when it comes to social media. Being humble and realising that it doesn’t hurt to give advice and pass your knowledge to others will reward you in the end.

  2. Lily May Mac

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Australia’s very own, Lily May Mac has reached an astonishing 3.3 million followers on Instagram this year. The half Filipino, half Australian beauty has turned into one of the biggest Instagrammers by posting gorgeous selfies, which in turn led her to work with brands including Lancome and even launched her very own makeup line! She is a constant reminder to how fast and successful one can be as a digital influencer.

Influencer tips: Lighting is EVERYTHING! Lily is the queen of selfies and knows how to work her angles and lighting. Her Instagram is a mix between selfies, mouth watering flatlays and stunning travel photos. Those 3 combined is literally the perfect recipe for a successful following!

3. Lydia Elise Millen

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 11.59.43 pmWith an estimated mass value of $5.5 million, Lydia is definitely one successful influencer. She has worked with some of the biggest beauty brands in the world such as L’Oreal Paris, Giorgio Armani Beauty and By Terry and has nearly 700k followers on Instagram. Her social media is all about luxury and travel and her style is minimalistic and chic.

Influencer tips: Her feed is so cohesive with the white, sultry theme on Instagram that is so aesthetically pleasing. She also just recently got engaged with her fiancee and shares her love story with her followers, drawing in a personal connection and revealing another element of realness other than just another stylish and pretty face.


4. Lisa Hamilton

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.01.22 amAnother Australian beauty, Lisa was a physiotherapist who fell into the Instagram world and the rest is history. Her Instagram is the heart of all envy with beautiful travel destinations, impeccable style and a year round tan! So it’s hard not to see why she is so influential.

Influencer tips: Lisa is a prime example of how it’s possible for ANYONE no matter what your career is, to become an Instagram influencer. It’s easy to see her personal style through her social media posts and she’s not exactly one to follow the trend so her outfits are always unique and true to herself.

5. Aida Domenech 

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.01.31 amThe beauty and lifestyle influencer Aida, currently has 2.1 million followers where she shares beauty and travel related posts. She has worked with some of the biggest beauty brands in the world including Dolce & Gabbana and L’Oreal Paris and has a creative eye when it comes to fashion, styling and photography. Her Instagram has everything from travel, trending looks as well as her personal lifestyle all whilst maintaining that perfect ‘Insta theme’.

Influencer tips: Aida knows exactly what is trending and when and it just goes to show how effective it is if you know what to post and when. She is always one step ahead of the latest looks and obsessions and combines her creativity with every post and photo.

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