Riverdale Recap: Death Proof Season 2 Ep 6

Riverdale Recap Death Proof: After Betty’s deal with the devil, aka The Black Hood to sacrifice assaulter Nick St Claire, I was on edge throughout the rest of the week to find out what would happen in this episode of Riverdale! And it’s safe to say that I was not disappointed. We find out that Nick is actually still alive and is later explained by the anonymous Black Hood that he couldn’t be killed as he is not a real resident of Riverdale. Even if he was, he wouldn’t be missed by any.

As for this week’s task given to Betty by the Black Hood (and by this stage it’s almost feeling a weekly uni assessment and the masked figure in all black is that one tutor who we loathe with a passion that delivers only bad news), she is ordered to find out who the ‘Sugarman’ is, the supplier of their notorious drug ‘jingle-jangle’.

With all that happened to the Blossom family, you would think by now that the mother and daughter as they literally only have each other would turn over a new leaf, part ways with their evil past and reconcile…but no. Cheryl’s mother blames her own daughter in some sick way that she ‘provoked’ Nick that night he roofied and attempted to rape her. Even though she can be cold and heartless, you have to feel sorry for the girl and understand how she turned out the way she did.

As for the brewing war between the North and South-siders, it continues to escalate after police raid South-Side High to interrogate all the Serpents about the ‘jingle jangle’. What’s more, Jughead finds out that the Serpent ‘Tall Boy’ (what a name) has struck a deal with Riverdale’s Ghoulies. His father’s advice? Challenge them to a traditional street race with the winner controlling Southside territory.

One thing I learnt by now is that it’s never what it seems when Archie and the whole crew are together. Once the race starts, Jughead becomes fixated almost to the point where he’s hypnotised and loses all rational thought. As he and the opponent’s car (the head of the Ghoulie) approach the one lane bridge, its obvious that Jughead cannot make it but refuses to slow down forcing Archie to ram the gear to a halt, and rightly so.

Even IF Jughead was in the lead, Archie would’ve still pressed the gear because he actually called the police and they were waiting at the finish line to arrest the Ghoulies and their motley crew. Jughead is furious at this and with right reason to, as he explained that this was a temporary halt and after a few weeks, they would be out again with just another reason to seek vengeance.

And a Riverdale episode cannot be complete with a scene at the infamous Pop Diner where Cheryl encounters Nick. He taunts her once more and later reveals that her assault story was paid off by his family after her mother accepted the cheque in return for them not to press charges. Cheryl’s heartbreaking plea to her mum to ‘care more about me’ actually resonates with the stone cold mother before she caves in and throws the cheque into the hearth and reveals to Cheryl the identity of the ‘Sugarman’.

Cheryl shares the news with Betty who in turn uses this knowledge not to inform the ‘Black Hood’ but realises the leverage she now has against him and whispers to the receiving end of the phone call ‘I’m breathing down your neck, can you feel me?’.

And who is the supplier of the ‘jingle-jangle’ nicknamed, ‘Sugarman’? Jughead’s school advisor at South-Side high. But Betty’s threats didn’t seem to linger for too long with the Black Head as the episode ends with the supposedly masked Black Hood pointing the trigger through the prison bars at the ‘Sugarman’.

It seems like everyone is getting what they deserve. As for the disgusting creep Nick? He was later found out to be a victim of a car accident. As the wise man (or woman in this case), Veronica once said upon hearing the news ‘karma’s a bitch’.

If you have any theories on who the Black Hood is or what your favourite moment of this episode was, leave a comment down below!

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