Top 5 Sydney Places To Visit In Summer | 17

Summer is right around the corner and with Christmas looming ever so close, it’s time to start organising what to do and where to go during the holiday season. For today’s post, I’m going to be sharing my TOP 5 favourite places to go to in Sydney that are perfect to cool down when the weather gets hotter. And don’t worry, most of these places are budget friendly because we all know the struggle of affordability where the price of an avocado toast can reach as much as the price of a Sydney property XD


  1. Bondi to Coogee Bay walk


Let’s face it, if you haven’t already been on the Bondi to Coogee Bay walk are you even Australian? The cliff top coastal walk extends 6km and passes numerous smaller beaches perfect for a pitch stop to cool down including Bronte and Tamarama. It doesn’t feel like a hike because of the breath taking views that make you stop and appreciate the smaller and simpler things in life.

2. The Grounds of Alexandria


A must go if you’re an avid photographer, blogger or food fanatic. Only a 7 minute walk from Greensquare station, the grounds of Alexandria is an outdoor barn style cafe that offers a slice of rural life in the midst of Sydney’s city life. The Grounds welcomes you with adorable barn animals, freshly baked donuts, a mini florist and an outdoor and indoor cafe. Tip: Don’t go there on a Saturday because it’s always overcrowded and waiting times to get a table can reach up to 2 hours!

3. Museum of Contemporary Art


The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) showcases extraordinary modern and interactive exhibitions from all over the world. Even if you’re not one that really understands art and it’s confusing interpretations, it’s a great experience because there’s so many different categories and walk in rooms that you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy. And the best thing about it is that entry is free!

4. Palace Central Sydney

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This place just recently opened so it’s the perfect place to go to when you feel as though you’ve already been to all the above mentioned locations. Located on the top level of Central Park is a brand new luxe cinema! With 10 screens plus 3 additional screens in the premium area, this is definitely above your usual standard cinema experience. There is also a classy walk in lounge with amazing views of Central park and plush seating areas suitable for any occasion.

5. Goros, Surry Hills


Because I went there last night, this place is still fresh in my mind and definite must! Goro’s is a neon themed Izakaya-style joint serving everything Japanese themed from peach Yuzu, to alcoholic bubble teas and lots of finger foods. It’s a very easy going place to visit after work with your friends and there’s so much to do including a ping pong and pool table, karaoke rooms (book in advance because they’re always full), a mini dance floor and outdoor area.

There we have it, the top 5 places to go to during the summer holidays in Sydney! Let me know what YOUR favourite ones are in the comments down below. xx

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