Drake Tour 17 | Boy Meets World, Sydney Australia

A photo diary of one of the best concerts of my life (to date):


This 3D holographic moon rose from the ground at first appearing as transparent drapes that hovered to the top of the arena. For every song, the ‘moon’ changed colours into the different phases of each season.


This was the clearest shot because I was sitting at the very back high end of the arena, but I love how the lighting makes it look as though he’s just a shadow. This photo wa taken from the screen where Drake was performing.


Outfits of the night XD I was SO comfy in this attire and so glad that by the end of the night, I didn’t experience the usual sore feet and sweaty body haha.


How beautiful is that artificial moon?

Drake Playlist: If you want to check out my playlist, just type in the username stephturek_1

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