Friday Favourites | Riverdale, henna tattoos, Chris Brown…

Congratulations we’ve made it to the end of another successful week! This is the first Friday in weeks where I’m going to take it easy and spend the rest of my night at home  binge-watching and eating ice cream. Who else is with me?

After my trip back from Singapore and an eventful final week of uni, I have a lot of products, shows, and other random bits that I wanted to share with you! With that being said, here are a list of my Friday Favourites.




Riverdale is one of those shows where initially you said to yourself you wouldn’t be interested but with all the hype surrounding it on social media (and it’s not hard to see why not) after watching just ONE episode you will quickly become obsessed with it like I did. Based on characters from Archie comics, the story begins when one of Riverdale’s wealthiest family members, Jason Blossom is murdered. From the surface, it seems like an innocent quiet neighbourhood but we are quickly introduced to issues of betrayal, affairs, forbidden relationships, incest even and of course more relatable ones such as friendship and high school drama. With all the complex characters, you’ll find that you’re able to relate to one or more of the characters in the television series. It’s a show that is totally addicting and filled with plenty of gripping suspense, drama and heartache.



This is one of those foods that are a hit or miss. It’s mostly found in Asian desserts and if you aren’t familiar, it’s usually sweet and soft and chewy in texture, kind of like a marshmallow but firmer if that even makes sense? In Singapore, we tried mochi ice cream that were bite sized pieces of an assortment of mochi flavours that tasted heavenly. Just another reason why Singapore is one of my favourite cities in the world :’)

FAVOURITE SONG: Chris Brown -Heartbreak on a full moon


Whether you’re looking for a song to pump you up at the gym or one that hits you right in the feels, Chris Brown’s ‘Heartbreak on a full moon’ is seriously a must listen if you’re into hip hop and rnb.

FAVOURITE CLOTHING: Off the shoulder dresses


Off the shoulder dresses are so flattering for any body shapes in my opinion and give off that summery effortless vibe, perfect for any occasion. I recommend starting off with basics so that they can be versatile to be dressed down or up for a celebratory night out with the girls!



I had my first henna tattoo experience in Little India, Singapore and what better way to get traditional henna than in well, Little India? We were exploring the brightly lit streets and rows of shops that sold everything from gold to tattoo and piercing services and traditional Indian gowns. The lady who did my henna tattoo was so bubbly and genuinely loved her work which made the experience all the more perfect. She was so talented with the attention to detail and watching her draw on my hand made it seem so effortless!


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