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It feels like almost an eternity since I last posted an article on my blog so it feels so good to finally be writing on here again. So if you’re not following me on my Instagram (please do as it’ll mean THE WORLD to me), you wouldn’t have known that I recently just got back from a trip to Singapore with my closest friends from high school. The timing was a bit off as I had a law exam and a presentation a few days upon my return but that’s what you get if you’re on a student budget and book a trip months in advance in order to save that extra bit of cash XD

We arrived at around 8:30pm and after a whole day of travelling, we were completely exhausted and overwhelmed with the humidity that welcomed us the moment we got off the plane. The hotel we were staying at was Fraser Suites Singapore on River Valley Road. It was everything that we expected and much more with an outdoor pool, gym, steam and sauna room, breakfast buffets and exceptional service. I would definitely recommend Fraser Suites for anyone travelling to Singapore as it’s also right in the heart of the city.

View from our hotel balcony at Fraser Suites Singapore

The next day was our first official full day and after our breakfast buffet, we headed to Bayfront Avenue and visited the Arts and Science Museum, the National Gallery and Marina Bay with the gorgeous artificial trees that light up at night. The museum was definitely the highlight of the day as we took pictures, videos and Snapchat stories of the ‘Insta famous’ hallway of lights that all the travel bloggers visit. There was also the ‘nature’ themed light show where you stood in the centre of a dark room and lights and bright colours of birds and swirls danced around you, immersing you in this mixture of nature, technology and art.

The next day we were off to a Waterpark and what better way to travel there than a cable car that overlooked the whole of Sentosa? The view was exactly the definition of what you would call ‘picture-perfect’ with the skyscraper buildings in the backdrop, trees lined up almost symmetrically and the scenic view of the water park below us. By the end of the day we were completely exhausted and headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner which was yet again another highlight of the trip, Singaporean chilli crab at a restaurant called Jumbo. It was our first proper meal if you disregard market food and my goodness, it was one of the best crab dishes I’ve had. We ordered the famous Singaporean chilli crab, fried rice, cereal prawns (a MUST TRY), a Mongolian beef dish and bread to dip the sauce in. The waiters and restaurant manager looked pretty surprised to see 4 girls consume such a large dinner and I’m not sure how we did it but we pretty much devoured everything in under an hour.

On our third day we were back bright and early at Sentosa to visit Universal Studios. A pro tip for anyone visiting Universal or any theme park in general is to invest an extra $50 for the express ticket. We felt like royalty skipping the long queues that were an average 45 minute wait. Our longest wait was 15 minutes which meant we got to go on our favourite rides numerous times including the bottomless rollercoasters Human and Cyclon.

The next few days included a 4 hour hike trail with wild monkeys as our accompaniment, a trip to Little India where we had these beautiful traditional henna tattoos drawn on us, 2 trips to Malaysia for some insanely discounted shopping as well as exploring cute alleys like Hajji Lane in Singapore.

On our final night we stayed at Marina Bay Sands Hotel with the breathtaking infinity pool overlooking the whole of Singapore. Although it was costly, it was well worth the visit for anyone visiting Singapore.

I’m going to be posting a travel essentials including what to bring in your carry on in my next post so stay tuned for that. Thanks for reading and let me know what other topics you would like to read from this blog xx


  1. A beautiful post once again. I am really in awe of your photographs, I guess I need to revisit Singapore. BTW, I would like to recommend Urban Fairways | Indoor Golf Bar & Cafe ( their staff even the food and drinks were excellent!

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