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Sorry for the spam of photos, I really thought that I didn’t take enough of my trip to Melbourne last week…turns out I under-estimated how many I considered was of a substantial amount.

If you don’t know already if you’re not following my Insta account  (I upload every day and share everything about my lifestyle), I visited Melbourne last Thursday-Monday to see my boyfriend who studies at university there. We have this tradition where every year we attend his med-ball and for the past 2 years, we always celebrated it in Sydney during the semester and since this year he’s studying medicine in Melbourne, we knew that we had to preserve our celebratory tradition.

On the first day, we headed to Melbourne CBD and wandered around looking for a cute place to have dinner. One thing I wish Sydney had was the free tram line that circled around the CBD of Melbourne because it saved us so much time. When it comes to food, we always have spend so much time deciding what to eat and since we were in the city notorious for good food, the choices were infinite. In the end we decided on European food. And what is more romantic than eating in a dimly lit alleyway surrounded by soft Italian music eating gourmet veal, pizza and wine? I can’t remember the name of the place unfortunately but it was on Little Collins Street.

On Saturday, the day of the ball had arrived and I was frantically getting ready with hair and makeup. I’m actually one of the most indecisive person on the planet that I had to bring TWO formal dresses since I couldn’t decide until the very last minute. I ended up choosing the gold dress from Hello Molly Boutique. The venue was at a large glamourised  warehouse barn that had fairy lights and sparkling wine bottles that littered the place. They even stuck to their theme by playing country music and pop music from the 2000’s. My boyfriend and I visited the photo booth twice and took ridiculously adorable couple photos that I will cherish forever!

The next day, we decided to head to the city again and this time we caught the express train. The scenery view of the endless sunny skies, barren land and the occasional farm animal spotted here and there was a breath of fresh air from the busy city scope. We listened mostly to Kanye’s old albums the whole train ride through.

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t buy anything but my boyfriend picked up a classic denim jacket from Zara. We also stopped for Starbucks and donuts before deciding that on our last night together we would cook a meal together.

The highlight of my weekend was ironically doing the mediocre tasks together with my boyfriend grocery shopping and planning what to cook and eat. We decided to make chicken tacos which turned out to be so amazing and watched Wolf Children from our favourite Anime director Hayao Miyazaki. It was the perfect ending to our weekend, and there’s just something so cosy about watching anime films and snacking on red frogs whilst the wind beat down outside.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know what you want to read from me next xx

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