How To: Style A Leather Jacket (Minimalistic)

The ultimate essential for ANYONE no matter what season/climate or where you are in the world is a black leather jacket. I recently was at Zara the other day and spotted the perfect black glossy leather jacket that was perfectly fit (not cropped or oversized) with minimalistic silver detailings on the sleeves, pockets and collar. I’ve been on the lookout for the longest time for a good quality leather jacket that was the perfect fit and didn’t have too much going on. It was pure destiny that they only had one left in my size  and for a jacket under $250, it was everything I’ve envisioned in purchasing a leather jacket.

For today’s look I was super casual and minimalistic with a black and white outfit, where the highlight of my outfit was on my lips wearing a bright red Nars lipstick.





You’ll be seeing a lot more versatile looks on how I style my leather jacket in the future xx


I’ve also linked 5 very similar leather jackets UNDER $100! Check them out and complete your wardrobe with one of these bad boys 🙂


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