Top 5 Clubs In Sydney

Born and bred in Sydney, Australia I have had my fair share of visiting many night clubs and bars within the Sydney vicinity. And although Sydney’s night life has taken a big hit with the introduction of the lock out laws that were recently put at bay, it still hasn’t stopped us young party-goers from enjoying a night out in the city. Here are my top 5 picks of where to go on a night out full of fun, laughter and alcohol.

Marquee Nightclub


When: Saturdays

If you live in Sydney, a visit to Marquee Nightclub is a must, and almost a tradition to go at least ONCE as soon as you’re of age. Located in The Star Casino, this is the place to be and hosts all the international superstars that come out to play during the after hours. Although you do have pay for tickets, and drinks can be pricey I recommend paying early bird entry (in before 11pm) and pre drinking someplace cheaper so that you don’t wake up the next morning feeling very hungover and VERY regretful of your savings the previous night.

Pacha Sydney (Ivy)


When: Saturdays

A glamorous oasis night club tucked away in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Pacha Sydney is a typical nightclub that contains all the ingredients of a successful venue; dancers, outdoor pool, indoor and and outdoor dance floors, rooftop bar and more. If you love to dress up with your friends and take glamorous pics for social media, check out this place for the trendy vibes, music and drinks.

Home Bar

When: Saturdays

Home Bar is located on the forefront of Darling Harbour and has stunning views of the harbour that you can view whilst you’re dancing away as you stare out through the glass panelled windows. Home Bar has all the latest and trending music genres and also include some of the most upcoming and popular guest djs who play trap, bass and trance music. If you’re after a place for good music then you should definitely take a peek at Home Bar.

Trill Night club

maxresdefault (1).jpg

When: Saturdays

If you’re into hip-hop, rnb, trap music and a mixture of all them together, then a visit to Trill is a must. Located on Oxford street, this small gem plays all the latest music fresh from LA and Hollywood. This place probably is my favourite when it comes to music choices because their remixes are SO GOOD. They also include guest hip-hop and rnb artists internationally including YG and Omarion.

The Argyle


When: Friday and Saturdays

Another classic favourite that contains trendy outdoors bars, a spacious dance floor, fairy lights and DJS that play house beats. The Argyle is more of a refined nightclub so bring out your best cocktail dress and suits and come dance and enjoy a delicious drink to end your week. I also have to mention they host the best Halloween parties as they transform the Argyle into a haunted venue of their theme. They go completely out and deck the place with intricate ornaments, lighting and sound effects and even the bartenders dress up to make your night on Halloween that extra special and spook-tacular.



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