Beginner’s Guide to Bronzing & Contouring (Blogger’s Fave Products)

Bronzing and highlighting is one of the most crucial steps in your makeup routine, as they add light and shadow to your face and allows your face to have that accentuated definition. However, with so many bronzing products (you cannot go wrong with Hoola Bronzer), it can be tricky to perfect and we’ve had those tragic moments where we look back and can’t decide if we were mauled by a wild bear or didn’t blended our contour correctly.

Here is my take on how to ‘beat your face to the Gods’ ( a new term that beauty influencers have now been saying) and make sure you know exactly how and where to apply your bronzing, contouring and highlighting products.


You want to start off by deciphering what kind of products to use. By determining your skin type (oily, combination and dry) you can then decide on what products would be the most applicable to you. For example for oily skin it’s best to choose powders for less shine and liquid and cream products will adhere better to dry skin for that extra dewy finish.

Next, you want to decide what type of ‘finish’ you want. For a warm finish look at products with a yellow/orange undertone. For a cool finish, stick to a pink undertone. If you can’t decide or is totally confused, a simple trick to know which one would suit you best is to look at your skin. Paler people or people more frequent to redness would suit a cool finish. Those who are naturally tanned or darker can opt for a warm finish.

However, it’s also completely up to you what product you like whether you want an intense look (liquids) or a natural easy day glam (powder).

My top 3 bronzers are:

Hoola Bronzer

Tom Ford Bronzer

Dr. Hauschka Skin care 


Starting off with bronzing and contouring, and yes there is a difference. Bronzing is to give an all over warm-tanned-bronzed glow just to give yourself a bit of colour and make you look less ‘washed out’. Bronzing is really simple since you apply it to nearly all over yourself. I find that bronzers with a subtle hint of shimmer will really give you that golden goddess finish and remember to apply with a big, fluffy blush.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.25.18 pm.png

Contouring is a bit different in that you apply it to give shadow and help provide the illusion that you have a more ‘sculptured’ face. Contouring also helps with making certain points of your face look thinner the ‘shadow’ softens away any large areas. This includes your forehead and the bridge of your nose.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.26.26 pm.png

To do this, take an angled contouring brush and apply around the corners of your face near your hair line. For the cheeks, suck in your cheekbones and apply just underneath the outline and blend it to your temples reaching your forehead. You can also contour your jawline by softly blending the corners of your face towards your neck.

Now for the fun part: highlighting!

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.27.19 pm.png

Highlighting is supposed to, well, highlight the ‘high points’ of your face and give the appearance of a glow-y look as though you have a constant Hollywood light shining down on you.This includes the tops of your cheekbones, your cupids bow, brow arch and the centre of your nose.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.30.22 pm.png
Hope you found this useful and let me know your thoughts in the comments below xx.


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