A Day At The Art Gallery

One of my favourite things to do during the Winter time is visit the art gallery and I do so every year when the weather gets cold. It’s such a place of relaxation as you wander aimlessly amongst the artworks and passerby’s in silence.

I’m not exactly an art-sy person but I’m really into Renaissance paintings and works from the early European period. Here are a few snapshots of my favourite artworks from the Art Gallery of NSW.

Art Gallery of NSW


Art Gallery of NSW

Art Gallery of NSW
Art Gallery of NSW-Early European art
Art Gallery of NSW
Art Gallery of NSW-early European art
Art Gallery of NSW-minimalist art-work
Art Gallery of NSW-blogger
Art Gallery of NSW-blogger
Art Gallery of NSW-blogger

Art Gallery of NSW-ootd fashion blogger

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  1. I love visiting museums! However, not a lot of people know the difference between going to one to appreciate the works instead of just being there to show to the world that they’ve been there and done that.

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