Wonder Woman Gal Gadot’s Fashion & Beauty Hacks

Hollywood’s current superstar and superhero Gal Gadot has everyone talking about her latest action packed film, Wonder Woman directed by the brilliant Patty Jenkins. This film is a serious must see not only to marvel at the stunningly beautiful Gal Gadot but also appreciate a film where the witty kick ass hero is actually a warrior princess/Amazonian goddess. Whilst we’re still in awe at how she managed to repel bullets and protect herself and the war torn cities, the biggest question in our minds is how after all that she still looks as glamorous as ever.

Here are a few of my favourite beauty and fashion looks from Gal Gadot and how to achieve them:



In the film Diana’s face was as flawless as her character, a bronzed Amazonian goddess so to achieve this look it is imperative to start off with the perfect base and work from there. My favourite primer is Benefit’s Porefessonal primer.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 6.58.45 pm.png

To achieve that naturally golden finish, apply a cream contour on the hollows of your cheekbones, the arch of your nose, your temple and jawline. Go back with a fluffy brush and lightly dust a shimmery bronzed powder for that added glow and finish with a subtle warm blush.

Links for bronzer products HERE and HERE:

Blush product HERE:


Gal Gadot’s fashion is just as effortless and eloquent as her character in Wonder Woman. Here are my favourite street style looks:

Chic & Classy:


A wardrobe essential is a Burberry inspired trench coat to pull over any outfit. A dusty coloured coat can be worn during any season and will automatically lift an average outfit to a formal finish.

Lady in White:


You cannot go wrong in an all white look and Gal shows us exactly how to pull this off. To compliment this outfit further, apply red lipstick and shimmer on your favourite bronzer to make that white pop.



Plunging necklines are so flattering as it accentuates your neck and collar bones as you can see in this picture of Gal. Attract more attention and fun by adding a statement necklace to really sparkle.

If you want to achieve chiselled cheek bones like Gal Gadot, check out a post I did earlier on a beginner’s guide on how to bronze and contour!

Let me know what your favourite look of Gal Gadot was in the comments down below xx

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