May Faves | Nudes, Green Gables & More…


We have officially reached the mid year of 2017! It’s crazy to think how fast time is passing and it makes me EVEN MORE nervous to realise how there is still so many things I have to yet to do. That being said, May for me was a frenetic (fave new word of the week hehe) month. It was the busier latter half of semester at uni where everything was due sporadically and all at once.  It was also my first time at Mercedes Benz Fashion week and there were events almost every weekend for me related to fashion and bloggers and just another excuse to brunch with friends.

I do have quite a few random favourites across all spectrums including a show I am now addicted to, and a must try winter tea.


Knee-high boots

May was the official turning point for the colder months ahead and I am definitely not one for the chillier weather so throughout May I was wearing my black suede knee high boots from H&M I bought a few years ago. Knee high boots are a must because they not only keep your knees and legs warm but they pair with anything; jeans, skirts, dresses…


You can find similar here & here:

Flared sleeves

Flared sleeves is something that you’d either like or loathe, and to me…this is a trend that I can definitely get used to. They remind of those old European styled films where the girls are wearing colourful flared dresses and over sized sun-hats running around vineyard singing to themselves. The flared top that I wore to fashion week was from Zara but I’ve also linked some similar ones here:



Nude nail polish

Nude nail polish is my go-to colour for Winter (surprisingly) rather than the typical dark and warm toned colours. To me, wearing dark nail polish colours at my palest (even though I’m pale pretty much every day of the year) just makes me look even more washed out. A musky pink toned nail polish just gives you a polished look and compliments your skin tone. The one that I use is Revlon 281 in ‘Classy’.


Estee Lauder Double wear foundation

I always wind up using this foundation during Winter because 1. it’s the lightest foundation colour I own and 2. its medium to full coverage foundation erases all imperfections on my face without feeling and looking cake-y. Even though it may on the pricier range, this is definitely an investment because you only need a pea sized amount.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 11.34.43 am.png

Check it out here:


Anne of Green Gables

This was an accidental click whilst I was browsing through Netflix and thought I might as well give it a try since the opening credits started rolling. If you’re after a feel good and light hearted show with mesmerising cinematography, I highly recommend this. If you’re not familiar with this classic story already, it’s about a 12 year old orphan Anne who accidentally becomes adopted to a brother and sister living in Green Gables in the early 19th century. This film reignited my love for history because it just brought 19th century England to life from the language, the architecture, costuming and much more.


Watch the trailer here:


Camomile tea and goji berries

I’m an avid tea lover and Camomile is one of my all time favourite teas for it’s lightly fragranced flavour. Camomile tea is best known to calm upset stomachs, migraines and even skin irritation. Paired with goji berries and you have a super tea concoction high in antioxidants and tastes amazing.


You can purchase these here & here:

Thanks for reading and I’d love to know what your favourites of May were xx



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