The Best in Fashion At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week | 17

Last week I had the privilege to attend the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show for the first time. The venue was at Carriageworks and was a beautiful industrial themed space that made the perfect backdrop for all the vibrant and bold outfits.

I attended the Runway Collective fashion show with my friend where they showcased all the favourite looks from designers including Bec & Bridge, Alice McCall, Romance Was Born and many more Australian designers. My favourite was Steven Khalil’s pieces (no surprise there) which dazzled with delicate embroidered jewels, lace and sparkles.

Because it was my first time I didn’t have any previous experience to base this fashion show but overall it was fantastic. The music was modern and enchanting and had an electric dreamy feel and synchronised with the model’s catwalk.

What I could take fashion-wise from this year’s show was that it incorporated a lot of geometric colours and contrasting prints such as ruffles with stripes.  I also loved the models sleeked back hair that gave them a modern and fresh-faced look.

Take a look at some of my favourite designs from Saturday night and how I would style it for everyday wear!

tumblr_oqc0j1IVyi1sh985lo7_1280 (1).jpg

Everyone’s eyes (and phone screens) were memorised by this whimsical Steven Khalil red dress adorned with gold lace shapes and embellished prints. Red and gold are the classic colours of sophistication and luxury and every girl would yearn for a princess dress such as this. Because I’m not born into royalty and since putting all my pennies towards this wouldn’t be the ideal, I’ve decided instead to be on the hunt for a red and gold printed scarf this season.


This dress literally has everything! From ruffles and stripes to the dusty bold prints, this bohemian dress made me lust for a flow-y dress to wear to my next brunch date!

tumblr_oqc0j1IVyi1sh985lo4_1280 (1).jpg

The first thing that this blazer and tailor pants outfit reminded me of was a modern chic version of a kimono! It looks so effortless and sophisticated and comfortable and was just a reminder of how my wardrobe is lacking a silky kimono.

tumblr_oqc0j1IVyi1sh985lo5_1280 (1).jpg

You cannot go wrong with matching sets and if you know me you’ll know that matching outfits is my go to because it’s so easy yet versatile.

tumblr_oqc0j1IVyi1sh985lo6_1280 (1).jpg

I could definitely see myself in this outfit either on my way to brunch or to a uni lecture. It’s very Yeezy inspired and the leather black skirt just gives it a really edgy finish.


The skirt with the ruffles at the end was what got me especially the way it flowed as the model walked down the runway. I don’t own anything metallic coloured and this would definitely be a great investment for a statement piece to wear on a night out.


This sheer pink outfit is so cute and very ‘Lolita’ and was just so bright that I had to take a photo of it.


The balance between the white blazer and mesh loose pants worked so well and gave it such an eccentric yet elegant feel. I will definitely be investing in a crisp white blazer because it can literally pair with ANYTHING.


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