Down the rabbit hole| White Rabbit Gallery


If you live in Sydney, a visit to the White Rabbit Gallery is a must. Located in Surry Hills, this cute tucked away gallery showcases contemporary Chinese art installations focusing a lot on light and darkness and contrasts between white and black.

My favourite artwork was the photography portraits of two individuals lying in a bathtub surrounded by koi fish. The little blurb beside the painting explained that the artist uses only people he knows for his photography so that there’s more of a genuine and personal connection between the person and the camera and that his art is a device for him to escape depression.


The next level focused more on ‘darkness’ and there were separate rooms leading to various installations. One was an ongoing video of neon blue waves crashing gently surrounded by a hall of mirrors, making it look as though the waves was boundless.

Another was just a large room expanded with abstract black shapes contrasted against a pure white room.

The Gallery also has a cafe on the ground level where they make handmade dumplings and traditional leaf teas. The space was so relaxing as my friend and I sat there drinking teas and pouring over our photos that we just took.

If you want to find out more about the gallery, click HERE to go to their official website.


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