5 Nostalgic Must-See Films

Now that Summer is officially over (much sadness), it’s the perfect time to snuggle up with a comfy blanket, peppermint tea and your favourite candles (any from Glasshouse are my ultimate faves) and binge on shows and films.

Lately I’ve been reminiscing on a lot of nostalgic films that I’ve watched on repeat throughout my childhood and teen years. Watching a good film definitely defines who you are and your outlook on life and this list has shaped me in one way or another.

Choosing 5 films was so hard because there are so many great films that have impacted or brought back such fond memories so I might do a second post later on.

So whether you’re pondering as to what to watch next, or just want any excuse (literally me) to discover some really good movies, here is a list of my top 5 must-see nostalgic films.

  1. Titanic


One of the most renowned and classic love story starring young Leonardo and Kate Winslet, this movie has been viewed in my household hundreds of times. This is a film that no matter what age you’re watching it, it will strike a core in you whether it’s the young love between Jack and Rose, the beautiful cinematography of 1900’s art, entertainment and costuming, the strained relationship between Rose and her mother and her not belonging and of course the tragedy that still makes me cry everytime I think of baby faced Leo freezing to death and making Rose promise to live a fulfilling and long life full of adventure :’)

2. The Lion King


Any Disney movie reserves a spot in the top film list for any category but the Lion King is my all time favourite. All of the songs are iconic from The circle of life to Hakuna Matata, this film taught me the importance of persistence and of course, having no worries. And baby Simba was the cutest creature and for the longest time all I wanted was a pet cub.

3. Look who’s talking now 2


This was probably one of the earliest films I remember watching from my childhood. It follows a family (starring John Travolta) with 2 dogs and it actually follows the pets and their point on view on the ups and downs of a family household. It’s a cute and romantic fun loving film that just makes you feel good when watching it.

4. Aquamarine


I think every girl (or guy) has at one point in their life wanted to transform in a glamorous mermaid with a sparkly fish tail and long glistering hair and swim away from their dramas and fall in love with a cute boy wearing a shark toothed necklace. This film includes all this and many more and is such a classic film about friendship and of course, the importance of one’s own identity.

5. Clueless


A modern adaption of Jane Austen’s Emma follows Cher (Alicia Silverstone) as the ultimate ‘dating’ guru as she tries to couple her friends and even teachers together. However, she finds more than she’s bargained as she slowly finds love with the most unexpected person. Cher was and always will be my fashion inspiration with her iconic yellow checkered skirt and matching top and my favourite quote from her ‘AS IF!’


  1. 100% agree with you on Looks Who’s Talking, I loved that whole movie series when I was a kid. Clueless changed my life lol it seriously influenced me when I was 7 years old and 21 years later it still does.

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