Fall 2017 Trends | Clueless Vibes & Mesh

One of the downsides of living in the Southern Hemisphere is that you are a season ahead (or behind depending on which way you see it) from the rest of the world. Media coverage and trends predominantly come from the US, Europe and the UK and because of our time and seasonal differences, we just miss out and have to end up waiting 3 months to wear pieces from Fashion Week runways.

However after looking on WWD’s Fall Fashion Runway trends, I’ve picked up a few awe-inspiring and unique pieces that are actually well suited for us Aussie fashionistas. Their Fall is equivalent to our Winter, meaning that we can finally follow and look at pieces that would be appropriate to wear right now. I’ve taken some of my favourite fashion trends and have incorporated into everyday street style because let’s face it, although splurging on Balenciaga and Dolce and Gabbana coats would be heaven, it’s just not ideal.

  1. Statement cropped tops (from the Fenty Puma Rihanna collection)


I am a fan of cropped clothing items because they’re so versatile and personally I feel like they flatter my body shape. I am obsessed with Rihanna’s collection because it’s so effortless to put together. Wear a bright coloured simple top and pair it with your favourite coat and you’re ready to head out the door. Mustard yellow has been appearing a lot in runways and is the perfect pop of warmth especially during the wet season.

2. Laced up (from the Are you Am I’s collection)


Incorporating ties and laces to your wardrobe is the perfect way to add texture and layering to your outfits. During the wintertime, it is very easy for your style to look one dimensional with the layers of boring sweaters and oversized shirts so these pieces will really help ‘elevate’ your look not to mention they look chic and super sophisticated.

3. Mesh prints (from the Christian Dior collection)


This is definitely one of the trends that I will be incorporating the most this season. Mesh pieces are the perfect balance of edginess without revealing too much and is such a modern concept. Wear a cute bandeau or bralette over a mesh top and layer on top with open shirts or a meshed top under knee high boots and finish it off with lots of accessories.

4. Matching sets (Icebergs collection)


These totally give me ‘Clueless’ Vibes and look so preppy and smart and what better way to give the matching sets look a go than this season? You don’t have to go completely out and OCD by wearing head to toe in the same shade of colour but even wearing a red coat, matching booties and a bold red lipstick will leave you looking fiery and vibrant. There are so many different ways to match outfit pieces so be creative because the finished look will always look unique.




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