February Faves

Being the shortest month of the year, February felt almost non existent. But at the same time, it also felt like one of the longest months as it was a month full of departures for me. In saying that, I had a lot of free time this month and spent a lot of days browsing endlessly and I managed to find a lot of fave goodies. I’ve divided it into categories because I do have quite a few to share and thought it would be easier to read this way. Enjoy!

To Read:

We need to talk about Kevin

I purchased this book in December and only got into it this month once the festive holiday season died down and found myself being so attached to it. It’s a psychological drama (what a surprise) book that delves into the life of 15 year old Kevin who killed his classmates in a high school massacre. It’s written through letters in the perspective of his mother as she turns back to her past, her honest opinions on being a wife and mother and Kevin’s childhood to see where it all went wrong. And as soon as you read the first chapter, you can sort of see why and how Kevin could be as twisted as he is through the mother’s warped perspective on love and the lack of such a universally known mother’s natural bond to their child. What I loved about this book was that it was written in such a calm manner despite the neurotic characteristics shared between the mum and Kevin that you couldn’t help but feel simultaneously disgusted but empathetic towards her.

The messy heads

One of my all time favourite blogs that probably inspired me to create my own blog is the messy heads . It’s created by Emma Mercury who lives in downtown LA and her group of many friends and they write anything from fashion inspo, spirituality, self love, creative writing, film and music recommendations (my personal faves) and an honest and raw truth to living as a teen in the big city of LA. What i love about them is how confident and care free they are, and they always stand up to what they believe in whether it’s protesting in the streets with a non-mainstream activist group to sitting in cafes all day and taking photos of each other. My favourite section is the ‘adventures’ one where they share visual diaries of their daily lifestyles because they always manage to look as if they’ve come straight out of an 80’s retro magazine. 


Ever since I was a kid and growing up in my family’s grocery store, I would run to the magazine section and read the cartoons, true life stories and horoscopes section every morning before school. Reading about my star sign (I’m a capricorn) and what my day, week and month will roughly amount to has become the norm for me. Obviously I don’t rely on the positioning of the stars to dictate my decisions and what to do but I love the whole concept of being connected to the stars and how they know specific characteristics about me. I have iHoroscope and DailyHoroscope on my phone but you can also visit HERE to read your free daily horoscope. 

To Watch:

Neon Demon

This film will make you very uncomfortable and will open your eyes to the harsh and psychotic world of high fashion, but done with beautiful models, hypnotising music and artsy still shots. I actually did a full review on this film which you can read more about HERE. 

Letters to Juliet

One of my top favourite films, if you’re after a feel good happily ever after movie then this is one you need to watch. This film contains all the right ingredients for a perfect romantic movie including gorgeous actors (Amanda Seyfried and Christopher Egan), the perfect scenery to host and fall in love, set in Italy showcasing traditional towns and sweet vineyards and of course, the destined lovers who are worlds apart and meet amongst the most unexpected situation. Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is in Italy with her fiancee Victor, an overly passionate chef who plans on opening up his first restaurant in New York. However, he is more in love with the finer things of good food and wine and the nearly engaged couple never really connect. Left on her own to explore the ancient city, Sophie stumbles upon the wall of Juliet where women visit from all over the world to write heart stricken letters asking for advice from Juliet. She meets the women who are behind this who reply to all of the letters and before she knows it, joins them to pass her time. One of the letters she stumbles upon had been hidden behind a cracked stone from over 50 years ago of a regretful young lover who ran away from her true love with ‘honest soft blue eyes’ due to fear and her family’s disapproval. Being a romantic at heart, she replies and before she knows it, she is joined with the now elderly spirited lady and her grandson to reunite with her true love. Her grandson disapproves of this and thinks the whole idea of ‘true love’ is ridiculous. However, as the two put their differences aside the journey has a perfect ending…for more than just the grandmother.  You can watch the trailer HERE  if you want something that will whisk you away into the picturesque fairytale ending.

Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia is the epitome of someone who is effortlessly cool, talented and beautiful. She is a musician who raps hip hop and is a deep believer in spirituality and intuition. Princess Nokia has had a hard upbringing which makes her even more inspirational. She grew up in foster care where her foster mum would beat her regularly and it wasn’t until she was around 12 years old that she decided that this wasn’t the life she wanted to live and packed her bags to begin a new chapter of her life. What I love about her is that because she had to be so independent at such a young age, she is strong willed and determined and doesn’t care about conforming to society’s standards of beauty and femininity. But at the same time she is a girly girl, making rose water spray and watching Sex and the City. You can watch one of her interviews HERE where I instantly fell in love with her personality and music.

To Wear:

Cropped tops with suit pants



I love this contrast of edginess with sophistication and you can wear this look to almost anything. It’s super versatile!

Printed tees

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 12.45.23 pm.png

This month I’ve been throwing printed tees over anything for a quick outfit. They pair perfectly with mom jeans and skater skirts.

To Listen:

Soundcloud is my favourite place to find new songs and listen to amazing remixes. Check out my soundcloud of what I’m loving so far. Click HERE

To Eat:

Thai food

There’s a place at Newtown that has $7.50 lunch special and I’ve been taking advantage and going there almost anytime I’m out.

Coconut water

Once you try fresh coconut water straight from the fruit, it’s hard to go back to bottled coconut water. Its slightly sweet and will not only quench your thirst but satisfy your tastebuds.

Let me know what YOUR February favourites were and have a beautiful day 🙂 



    1. yeah it really is! There’s also a film adaptation for it but i probably recommend to read the book first because the film does miss a lot of important bits and twists the storyline a bit 🙂

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