Month: March 2017

Fall 2017 Trends | Clueless Vibes & Mesh

One of the downsides of living in the Southern Hemisphere is that you are a season ahead (or behind depending on which way you see it) from the rest of the world. Media coverage and trends predominantly come from the US, Europe and the UK and because of our time and seasonal differences, we just miss out and have to end up waiting 3 months to wear pieces from Fashion Week runways. However after looking on WWD’s Fall Fashion Runway trends, I’ve picked up a few awe-inspiring and unique pieces that are actually well suited for us Aussie fashionistas. Their Fall is equivalent to our Winter, meaning that we can finally follow and look at pieces that would be appropriate to wear right now. I’ve taken some of my favourite fashion trends and have incorporated into everyday street style because let’s face it, although splurging on Balenciaga and Dolce and Gabbana coats would be heaven, it’s just not ideal. Statement cropped tops (from the Fenty Puma Rihanna collection) I am a fan of cropped clothing items …

Weekend OOTD | Denim Dressing

Hi guys! Today’s outfit is a super comfy and stylish one that is currently perfect to host under Sydney’s fluctuating weather conditions. I bought this denim dress from Topshop and this halter necked design can either be a hit or miss. It’s tight on the upper body from your chest upwards but then flows into a structured bottom which can make you look a little shapeless. However, because it was short, the balance between the box-y waist and the height was just right, elongating your legs and giving it the ultimate effortless party look. I paired it with some silver necklaces from Sportsgirl and my favourite pointy cut out boots from Marco Gianni. Let me know if you have something similar to this or what you would love to read in my next post 🙂

February Faves

Being the shortest month of the year, February felt almost non existent. But at the same time, it also felt like one of the longest months as it was a month full of departures for me. In saying that, I had a lot of free time this month and spent a lot of days browsing endlessly and I managed to find a lot of fave goodies. I’ve divided it into categories because I do have quite a few to share and thought it would be easier to read this way. Enjoy! To Read: We need to talk about Kevin I purchased this book in December and only got into it this month once the festive holiday season died down and found myself being so attached to it. It’s a psychological drama (what a surprise) book that delves into the life of 15 year old Kevin who killed his classmates in a high school massacre. It’s written through letters in the perspective of his mother as she turns back to her past, her honest opinions on being a …