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With the last day of Summer coming to an end and as we are now approaching the THIRD month of the new year, it’s time to replace your sunglasses with prescription glasses and your playsuits with pens and pencils as we head back into the college/school period.

Knowing what to bring, what to wear and where to go is a hassle and with the stress of a new environment and figuring out your timetable and classes, the worst thing for anyone on their first day would be to forget to bring something crucial.

Going into my third (and final year) of uni, its fair to say that I have a sound knowledge of the essentials and survival kit of what to bring so I decided to share them with you.

Backpack/large tote bag with comfortable straps:

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An average uni day is divided into two sections,  60% walking to your lectures and 40% of the time actually being in class so you need to make sure that you have a practical bag with comfortable straps. I use my trusted Michael Kors bag as it’s survived through rain, hail and shine as well as being filled with two laptops, recording equipment and thick readings.

Planner and notebook/s:

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If you have to purchase one thing in the stationary department it would be a planner. Unlike high school, you won’t have the luxury of teachers constantly reminding you of your next assignment and exam and assessments will be guaranteed to be due around the same week so keeping a memo and checklist of what to do and what to get done is critical! Normally unis do provide a handy planner at the beginning of the semester so if you’re not willing to spend $20 on one you can always check out the ones provided by your uni. I received this beautifully embellished brown and gold one as a gift and am already in the routine of writing a daily/weekly/monthly to do list as well as upcoming events.

And of course, notebooks are essential to jot down lectures, tutorial questions and everything else in between. Depending on what course you’re studying, the amount of notebooks varies. Since I’m studying a journalism course, I only need one notebook which I use to plan and draft assessments as well as use them occasionally in tutorials. However, since everything we learn is through journal articles and papers, most of my content and workload is done on my laptop due to the high speed of reading and writing we do.


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And that brings me to the next item which is a trusty old laptop. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a macbook as there are endless versions and brands of laptops and technological devices that you can use to type your work in. As long as it allows internet access (which your uni will provide with free wifi) and a keyboard you will be fine. A lot of students also struggle with the super pricey Microsoft packages so I would recommend using Evernote, Wordpad and even Microsoft online which is a free website to write your essays on.

Makeup Bag:

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There will be days where you will be at uni from 9am to 9pm so bringing a makeup bag with the essential touch ups is necessary. In my makeup bag (isn’t it so cute!) I include my MAC studio fix powder, a too faced melted matte lipstick, a Natio cherry red lipstick, lipbalm, a mini mascara and hand sanitiser.

Coin purse:


This comes in handy for quick coffee breaks, water, loose change menu options, parking metres and public transport rides. The most frustrating thing is to go to a cafe for a quick meal only to find out that there’s a large sign at the front that reads ‘CASH ONLY’.

And there we have it, the college/uni bag essentials! Let me know what you guys carry in your bag 🙂


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