Month: February 2017

College Bag Essentials | Whats In My Bag

With the last day of Summer coming to an end and as we are now approaching the THIRD month of the new year, it’s time to replace your sunglasses with prescription glasses and your playsuits with pens and pencils as we head back into the college/school period. Knowing what to bring, what to wear and where to go is a hassle and with the stress of a new environment and figuring out your timetable and classes, the worst thing for anyone on their first day would be to forget to bring something crucial. Going into my third (and final year) of uni, its fair to say that I have a sound knowledge of the essentials and survival kit of what to bring so I decided to share them with you. Backpack/large tote bag with comfortable straps: An average uni day is divided into two sections,  60% walking to your lectures and 40% of the time actually being in class so you need to make sure that you have a practical bag with comfortable straps. I …

Neon Demon | Killer Fashion

If you’re after something to watch right before you go to bed, or a feel-good heart throb romance film, please close this tab. I unfortunately made the mistake of watching this film late at night after having a not so great day, thinking that seeing one of my favourite actresses Elle Fanning would include beautiful aesthetics, girl drama and lots of fashion inspirations. I was right about those but it also contained a lot of super grim and disturbing elements such as necrophilia, pedophilia and cannibalism as it plays with the idea of the fashion world and how haunting it can actually be. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn in 2016, Neon Demon follows the beautifully innocent aspiring model Jesse who just moved to Los Angeles for her modelling career. The whole film you could say is a symbolic allegory of the predatory and sex crazed fashion and modelling world with the use of dark colours, electric music, doll like models and predator animals in the background. The film opens with a lifeless looking Elle Fanning dressed in a Lolita …

Date Night | OOTD

There is nothing more stunning than a classic navy (that’s right navy, not black) long dress that clings to your body and flows effortlessly at the end. Every girl should have the staple navy dress in their wardrobe as this refined classic colour suits almost every occasion. And unlike the classic black dress, navy brings a warmth of colour and lightens up any event and in my opinion, suits almost every skin tone. I purchased my navy dress a year ago on an online boutique store for a uni formal and found that it was very versatile to pair with jewellery, heels and various make up looks to completely transform the whole look and essence of this dress. What will you wear your navy dress to? xx

Backstage at the 2017 Fall Fashion Show

The looks are bolder, the models are bigger and the collections are even crazier at this years 2017 Fashion Show.  After scrolling endlessly on WWD’s behind the scenes fashion & beauty features, I’ve instantly become inspired by the dazzling looks, whether they include intricately detailed nail designs from the Libertine Fall show to the simplistic bold brows at Narciso Rodriguez, this year there is something fitted for everyone. Here is my take on some of the trends that I’ve picked up: Rich Burgundy Lips: Although its no ground breaking revelation, dark lips have made it big this season and doesn’t look to be slowing down. Celebrity reality star Kendall Jenner was spotted with a rich burgundy lip at the La Perla show. Pearl-esque Eyes: This year, the general trend was bold face and lips and simple eyes, keeping the eye makeup simple, natural and dewy. Replace your eyeliners with a nude shadow or glossy shimmer or, in this case, with tiny pearls and gemstones applied to the inner corner of the eyes. This intricate look …

Valentines Day Lookbook | 2017

Happy Valentines Day everyone! With this special day coming up in less than a day, I have put together a lookbook for every Valentine’s Day related occasion. Whether it is a romantic night out on a la carte dinner overlooking the backdrop of your local city, or a cute date that requires an outfit practical enough to walk in (or at least look like you’re comfortable), this lookbook has got you covered. And to all you single gals out there, happy Gal-entines Day. Who says you can’t still have fun with all your favourite girl pals and dress up or have a quiet night with the people who mean the most to you. Whatever your plans, make sure it’s a good one!! CLICK HERE to view the FULL video !