Skin-Deep: My Everyday Routine

One of my favourite topics to read are skin care related routines and learning all about the benefits of certain ingredients for your face. So for today’s post I’ve decided to share what I do as part of my daily skin care routine. Because I have combination/oily skin, these products are targeted at combatting large pores, oil and redness.


To start off with, I use my coveted Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil that removes even the most stubborn waterproof makeup. The oil is so gentle that you don’t need to rub harshly, preventing premature wrinkles as well as ensuring that you don’t pull out half your lashes while you’re at it.


For my face wash I’m using from The Body Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava foaming face wash to clean out clogged dirt and oil from the pores. This is a super soft exfoliating wash and has a light scent that smells of citrus. I’ve been using it for around 6 months now and love how gentle it is without irritating my skin and leaving it to be excessively dry afterwards.


After that I go in with a toner that i recently purchased and cannot stop sharing it with friends and family. It is the Sunday Riley Martian toner. This beauty contains bentonite clay to absorb excess and tighten pores which I saw as soon as I started using it which is such a rare thing. The pores on my nose instantly shrunk and I found I had much less oil throughout the day. It also contains all natural ingredients such as marshmallow and green tea to soothe redness, cucumber and witch hazel extracts to tone and manuka, black cumin and magnolia bark extracts to balance your skin’s complexion and tackle breakouts. Love love love!

For my eyes, I use Benefit’s Its Potent Eye cream and I must admit, I did give in when I saw the cute packaging but found that this product was as effective as it was in aesthetics. The eye cream is super gentle with hardly any scent that removes dark circles and doesn’t crease your concealer. It contains a peptide complex known to help restore elasticity & firmness as well as a range of hydrating botanical extracts to help protect the skin from environmental and external pollution.

During the summer, my off days were spent at the beach which meant that my skin was slightly sunburnt and dehydrated. For that, I used Tarte’s miracle Marajuca oil that simply nourishes, hydrates and moisturises my skin. I applied this on days when I was really feeling the burn and found that my skin drank it up.


I thought I would also add in my lip products that I apply religiously which is the lip balm and scrub by Sara Happ. The lip scrub contains vanilla bean extract that smells heavenly and leaves your lips plump and smooth.


And finally, I thought I would add one of my most used products that I recently re purchased, my Mario Badescu rose water spray. It contains aloe vera, rose water and herbs so it’s literally a miracle mist that can be used as a moisturiser, toner, primer and even hair spray.

Let me know what your skin care routine is, because I am always searching for that next best thing and it’s always interesting to stay informed in what best seller products are out there xx

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