Allied | The War Of Spies, Lies and Love

After scrolling through my blog I’ve realised that it’s lacking in the film review department which is unfortunate because I want to start getting more into ‘review writing’ and since there is nothing more that I love to do in my past time than watch films, why not write another one?

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Allied is a drama/thriller film that has the perfect combination of thriller, suspense, romance, intensity, character build up, history, cinematic beauty, costuming and plot twist that makes it hard for any audience really to turn down.

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I decided to watch the highly anticipated film ‘Allied’ after seeing snippets of the trailer on repeat showing the intense war scenes starring Brad Pitt. This film ended up being one of my all time favourites and more-so I watched it TWICE in the cinemas again with my family.


The film begins the opening scene in 1942 in Morocco during the peak of WWII where Canadian Intelligence officer Max Vatan (played by the beautiful and infamous Brad Pitt) is swiftly sent to one of the biggest missions of his life, being the ultimate spy as he poses as a Parisian husband to Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard). From there, the intensity and action begins as they play the part of doting husband and wife after reuniting for the ‘first time in months’. During the second world war, officially known as the war of ‘spies’, the film captures the constant strained feel during that time as they must always act the part. Even in the comfort and solitude of their home verandah overlooking the eerily silent vastness of the Moroccan nights, neighbours and local villagers are watching, anticipating for one wrong move.

The beginning scenes where Marianne and Max are sitting on the verandah as the calming hum of traditional Moroccan music plays in the distance as they talk about their plans after the war is my favourite. Although they were relaxed as they spoke about their dreams, behind their eyes they knew they had to be wary even of each other and in between those, they remembered that their every move was being watched as they held hands for the night to see.


They successfully conduct their mission by getting into the highly exclusive Diplomat party and from their, mirror their illusion of love as they truly are begotten with love for each other  and move to England to start a life. But of course, a great movie wouldn’t stop their without another show stopping plot twist. The head sergeant of Max Vatan believes that his wife is a spy from the opposite Nazi party as their messages are being encrypted to the enemy that are being sent from his family home’s street.

I won’t spill the rest of the film but throughout the film, you will be constantly be on edge as you struggle to work out whether their relationship based on life and death, trust, love and friendship was an illusion and whether you too were played by the characters wit and false antics. One of my favourite lines from Marianne was when she said ‘I keep the emotions real, that’s why they like me and thats why it (I) works.’


This romantic spy thriller film ends as dramatically as it begins and really lulls you into the early 1940’s where you’re cast into a realm of old Hollywood deception, love and lust that will make you question everything and anything.


  1. Love the review steph, I really enjoyed watching it. I do agree, it was very intense filled with twists and turns. Definitely one of the better movies I’ve seen in a while.

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