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From 2016’s show stopping glitter trends and dark bold brows, we welcome 2017 with 5 beauty looks that will be trending all year round. Let’s take a look at the styles that will surely leave their mark this year.


  1. Under-liner

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 6.47.58 pm.png

Winged eyeliner was the classic go to all last year and celebrities, models, influencers and runways are switching it up by applying bright liner or glitter under the lower lash line. This look accentuates the eye shape and adds edginess to the overall look ad is definitely a showstopper.


  1. Hazy Glow


Dewy makeups are definitely trending in 2017 so be sure to incorporate tinted moisturisers, lip-gloss, cream eye shadows and blushes into your everyday look. Swap your powders for oil-based products that will give you that youthful sheen and leave your skin glowing all year around.


  1. Shimmer strobe


It’s time to take your makeup that’s out of this world with galaxy inspired glitter and shimmer. To achieve this, apply a strobing cream, highlighting powder or cream highlight on the high points of your face. Be sure to dampen your brush for that added pigment.


  1. Perfect Pout


Lipsticks will never go out of style so don’t shy away with plain nudes this year. Embrace a signature makeup look by adding a pop of colour onto your lips. Cranberry reds, lilac and corals are the perfect shades that go with any skin tone so mix and match your lips with the rest of your face.


  1. Long Hair (don’t care)


And finally, from the Kardashians’ super sleek goddess inspired hair to Beyonce’s waist grazing ponytail, 2017 is all about hair. Incorporate almond, argan and coconut oils into your hair care routine so prevent dry hair, split ends and to rejuvenate growth of hair.




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