To New Beginnings…

We have survived 2016, in all it’s guts and glory. From the ascension of Donald Trump’s power to the passing of George Michael we are welcomed to a new year of new beginnings, aspirations, wise decisions and many SUCCESSES.

It seems as though time has gained momentum and with each year passing, the days and months fly by so quickly it sometimes feel as though we’re living in a dream. Are we living or are we just going by the motion of the brevity of existence. It was almost yesterday where we welcomed 2016, celebrated Easter with family and friends, decked our houses in spooky Halloween decorations and joined in on the crazy Christmas shopping frenzy and here we are in the first month of the new year. A clean slate.

This year should be a time to focus on ourselves and set adequate goals for ourselves. Whether it be something to prosper your study or work situation or for health gains, make sure that you write a detailed and well thought out plan.

Let’s also practice the art of kindness. Kindness to yourself which basically incorporates everything from setting out your goal that makes you happy, being kind to your body physically and mentally, and being kind to yourself now and in the future by doing things that you will thank yourself for. Being kind to others is also such a universally basic but important concept that more often than not, we ignore it thinking there are other ‘important’ things that need to be handled first. Be kind to your family and friends by showing them appreciation, showing your mum how grateful you are for just doing those small things to help you. Be kind to strangers by doing something as little as smiling to someone on the streets. I am a firm believer of karma so whatever energy you pass will return to you in buckets.

And finally, something that I definitely need to take into consideration and in a more materialistic perspective, to save money. Everyone on this planet (besides the Queen or Rothschild the owner of all banks) needs to whether they admit it or not save money to go to something. Last year I was a terrible spender and didn’t think twice about buying that designer handbag, or another pair of overpriced sneakers, or dining out almost everyday to eat after work. Opening a separate bank account and putting in a percentage of your earnings each week will slowly but surely save up. And the best thing, if by the end of the year you have an extra wad of cash left to spare, use it to buy an experience such as a trip or a physical event.

I wish everyone a happy new year and of course, to new beginnings xx.


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