Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Yup..I already know what you’re thinking. Here we go with another beauty blogger doing a Kardashian/Jenner inspired makeup tutorial with the overdrawn lips and completely reconstructed face.

But before you say anything, here is my take on Kylie Jenner and why she is actually an inspiring figure in today’s global social media trodden society. To clear up the rumours that she has had chin reduction, cheek implants, bletharoplasty and her whole face done up, those are just rumours. The only surgery that she has taken is lip fillers, which can’t really be categorised as cosmetic surgery because it isn’t permanent. The rest of her transformation is mainly due to puberty (yes…that is a thing wow) and the power of makeup aka contouring and concealing.  I mean, take a look at your year book to when you were 14 or 15 and compare it to yourself today. My year 9 high school photos are a literal testament that yes people’s faces do change drastically. Kylie is only 19 so of course it’s plausible that you would see such a change because those are the years that your body is altering the most!

Secondly, to all those critics saying how she is a terrible role model and does nothing with her life except take selfies and post on social media..well if she is known as the number 1 celebrity influencer today then she is definitely on the right path. In today’s day and age social media plays such a large prominence in getting ideas and information to a wide audience in an instant. In total, Kylie has amassed close to 100 million followers. So if she is merely ‘taking selfies’ and gaining such a large following, she is surely doing something right. And you cannot look past her Kylie lip kit line, which is constantly sold out worldwide and one of the beauty industry’s most wanted products. I think it’s pretty smart how she has combined the power of social media when the whole world was talking about her lips to then creating a line that sells lip liners, glosses and now even eyeshadow kits.

Anyways, this is enough of a rant about Kylie Jenner, I have created a makeup look inspired by her using  peachy, bronzed glow looks that is perfect to wear for everyday.

Here is the full link of my super easy tutorial, and all the products I used are mentioned in the down bar ^_^

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