Steph Styles: Strapless Tops

Strapless tops, or bandeaus with chokers if you want to be technical can sometimes be overwhelming to style as they are one of those pieces that can either rock or flop the look you’re going for.

I’m going to show you how you can piece together very easily two looks that are definite show stoppers and most appropriate for a fun night out.

The first look is to pair the top with a neutral bottoms, that can include white, grey or cream neutrals for a sophisticated look so it doesn’t end up looking like a Halloween outfit. I’ve decided on a faded grey pencil skirt that goes up to my knees to balance out the revealing upper half.

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 7.23.25 pm.png

The second look I went for is a black on black statement outfit. You cannot go wrong with black minimalism and it doesn’t look like you’re over dressed. I am wearing a simple tailored black skirt with a small slit above the knee for that added detail of simplicity. This look is also very versatile as it will match almost any makeup look.

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 7.22.59 pm.png
Stephanie Turek

Unfortunately, I purchased my top from a boutique store but I have a link for an alternative that is very simple and affordable. Click on the photo for more information:



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