Month: October 2016

All Hallow’s Eve | 2016

Halloween in today’s digital age is the perfect opportunity to dress up and take masses of photos with your friends on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat (using the Halloween special effect filters of course) without anyone thinking that you’re too overly conceited and vain. Although Halloween is said to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain to ward off ghosts and evil spirits, it quickly became a renowned tradition in America. Today, Halloween is celebrated all over the world with the help of social media glorifying and extending the practice of ‘trick or treating’  and jack-o’-lantern carving. It is a battlefield in the world of Instagram of who has the most exquisite Halloween costume or who is able to replicate the characters of Harley Quinn or Mia Wallace the best. Celebrities and social media influencers have definitely transformed Halloween into a glamourised fashion show…not that I’m complaining. Any excuse to dress up and take photos is fine by me. This year I went as a skeleton gal (or ghoul if I want to be punny), using an …

About the Author

20 year old student from Sydney Australia, Stephanie Turek is currently studying her final year at the University of Technology Sydney. Raised by her Chinese mother and Australian father, she was born and raised in Australia. Stephanie started writing short stories and read books from a young age, winning various creative writing competitions and earning her place in the top 1% of NSW English exams. From this, she knew that she wanted to pursue a writing career in fashion, beauty and culture. She is currently interning at a local radio station called Skidrow and is planning to get into the entertainment and lifestyle realm of journalism.


There has been an abundance of Ready To Wear Spring Fashion shows popping out from every corner. From  Paris to London, to New York, fashion gurus and bloggers are buzzing with inspiration on how and what to style pieces for the coming months. And of course with the masses of runway collections there comes many competitions as to grab attention on which fashion show is the most spectacular! Everything from an aisle of pink glitter (Elie Saab) to a futuristic themed extravaganza (Junya Watanabe) showcased that the bigger the show the better! Here are my favourite collections (in no particular order) from the Ready to Wear Spring 2017 Fashion show. Talbot Runhof Inspired by a silk fil coupe design by Clara Fantoccoli, their collection showcased neutrals and delicate fabrics. It was minimalism intwined with bursts of details as seen in the photos below. I also gained inspiration by mixing different fabric materials together, for example silky shorts with pin striped button up collared shirt. One of the most renowned brands symbolic of elegance and empowerment is …