Instagram Poems + Fake Friends

She had blue skin, 

and so did he, 

He kept it hid,

and so did she, 

They searched for blue,

Their whole life through,

Then passed right by-

And never knew.

This was a poem I read earlier today on Instagram (@emmamercury) and it stuck with me all day. It made me remember all those times when I would put on a ‘mask’ in front of people in a hopeless attempt to get them to like me more, thinking that they would be impressed or that I would become more popular, likeable and even beautiful. Now that I am 20, I’ve learnt a lot about myself and although I still have much much more to learn from, I feel that the me one, five and ten years ago was completely different than the person who I am today.

So I’ve compiled a list of 7 things (to keep it short and sweet) of things that I have learnt over the brief period of years. Hope you enjoy xx

  1. You can’t get everyone to like you… and that’s ok. There will always be that one girl (or guy) in your class that no matter how hard you try, or how many lollies you give them (yes I’m guilty of giving lollies to this one girl in primary school who refused to talk to me), you just can’t please everybody. And that’s absolutely fine. And there will be times where you will feel the same way with particular people, so just stay friendly and move on.


2. Don’t fret the small things. Even if you’re experiencing the worst day of your life, stay calm and keep your head held high. Because in 5 years, the issue you are struggling with today won’t be the slightest bit relevant in the long term.

3. Be proud of where you came from. When I was younger, I used to be embarrassed that I was half Chinese and whenever my friends would ask me what my nationality was, I would say Australian and German. It got to the point where my friends would think I was adopted when they saw my Chinese mum because I just wanted to be European like everyone else in my primary school. Nowadays  I think it’s so beautiful to come from a background that’s different from everyone else, and even more so with a rich culture. All those celebrations, food and conversational slang that you take for granted forms the very part of you and makes you that much more special.


4. Don’t shy away from your religion. This is pretty obvious and doesn’t take much explaining but one regret I have is skipping religion and not paying enough attention in class because it was deemed ‘uncool’. Those 13 years of classes you will never ever get back so pay attention and listen to your teachers, because some of the lessons you learn will stick with you your whole life.

5. No one cares. This refers to when you’re fumbling your cards in a presentation and feel as though everyone is internally laughing at your carelessness, or the way you pronunciate certain words. Do you remember that time the stranger on the bus nearly tripped over her own feet? Definitely not. So why would others remember that small mistake you made yesterday? Literally, no one cares. And i need to remember this the next time I feel as though I made a fool out of myself.


6. One good friend is worth all the bad friends in the world. This may seem like common sense, but sometimes it’s easily forgotten during social situations. That feeling of popularity is only temporary when you realise that they only like you at certain times when you’re not the best version of yourself. Real friends do not need to be impressed by how rude you can talk back to others, or how much alcohol you can drink in one sitting.


7. Read more! Sometimes I do wish the Internet wasn’t invented so I could go back to being completely absorbed in a good novel. Nowadays, I find it so distracting with the constant notifications that blare from my phone and the case of FOMO (fear of missing out) when you’re away from Facebook for 2 days. Reading books and I mean really concentrating and letting the story whisk you away is so therapeutic and there is literally no excuse for myself or for you to not be able to read AT LEAST 30 mins a day. So next time you’re out, visit your local book store and pick up all the books that have caught your attention. And if you think about, spending that amount of money on books is a much more greater investment than it going to Saturday night booze, oily burgers or that same top in 5 different colours.


Have a beautiful day and stay smiling xx


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