Month: August 2016

Once in a while it is important, almost imperative to dress up wearing a new outfit that we know we shouldn’t have splurged on, style our hair differently and dab on that gorgeous shade of lipstick that you wouldn’t normally wear on a day to day basis. But you’re only young once, and in 10 years time your body won’t be looking as fit and fine as it is currently. The sun is shining and it will continue to shine bright everyday and it makes you realise that life is to short to wear bland colours and clothing. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and go out as though you are as fabulous and fashionable as Blake Lively or Olivia Palermo. Here are some of my favourite glam outfits that I’ve been wearing currently: Dress: Missguided Shoes: Betts Top: Sportsgirl Top: Dotti Jeans: Kookai Top: Glassons Jeans: Topshop Heels: Betts Have a beautiful day and stay glam xx

Winter OOTD | 13-14th Aug 2016

The endless winds, hazy dusty sky and torrential rain has finally come to an end here in Sydney where we are (FINALLY) greeted with bursts of sunshine, warmth and good vibes! I have put together two outfits that I have worn this weekend which are suitable for the winter-spring transition to share with all you lovely readers. Another quick update is that I have recently purchased a canon camera and I am so excited to create new projects on this blog as well as my Instagram page (linked to your right for daily updates) so stay tuned for that! I am a Summer baby (born in January) so summer clothes and styling are my forte so I cannot wait to start snapshotting my daily OOTD’s, beauty routine and everything else related to beauty, fashion and styling^_^ I hope you guys enjoy and below are the outfits I wore this weekend! 13/8/16 For Saturday’s look I was rocking the sporty vibe, and decided to go all out with the baseball hat, meshed jersey, leggings and sneakers …