Vivid Vision 2016

Like any Sydney-sider, a visit to Vivid is essential and taking the regular snapshots of the cathedral hallway of lights is even more imperative. My friends and I headed to Darling Harbour at 6pm, when the event just began where we were greeted with a cascade of water dancing to the jazzy rhythm of the music. There were light beams shooting from the water and trickled down the surrounding buildings of bright greens, pink and reds.

tumblr_o8v9hb1P0S1vuw1u6o2_1280.jpgAfter gazing at the light show, we soon became quite peckish so we headed to the usual; Arisun for Korean food which unfortunately I divulged before I even remembered to take a photo of it.

The night life was brimming with people wrapped up in beanies and scarves, selfie sticks being whipped out as frequently as tissues and lots and lots of street shows! Our final stop after passing all the stores in Pitt Street was of course, the famed Cathedral of lights next to the Opera House and the Botanical Gardens.



There was a huge line that started all the way from the entry of the Botanical Gardens and we followed the lit up trees and interactive light installments. When we finally arrived, we were too busy hustling and taking quick snapchats and selfies to actually take in the beauty of the instalment. And a minute later, we were out back under the blanket of the black night time sky.




I’ve inserted some photos (mostly from Snapchat sorry I apologise for the quality) of the night for you to enjoy and if you’re from Sydney, definitely give it a visit. But my tip would be to probably take less time finding the perfect angle for a selfie and more time actually appreciating the physical state of you being there :’)



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