Follow Me Around Visual Diary

Hi beautiful friends! For today’s post I am going to be sharing with you a photo-diary of a follow me around from when I went shopping in the city with one of my good friends  yesterday. We were originally supposed to meet up for lunch and gym but after exploring these trendy boutiques hidden in Chinatown, we kind of compromised that with all this walking around, it was kindaaaa like hitting the gym (who were we kidding). However, it did end up to be such an exciting day and its spontaneous unplanned trips like these that end up to be one of the most memorable days that we’ll cherish forever.

We were shopping in the usual vicinity of Pitt Street Mall and browsing mind-numbly through the usual (Zara, Topshop, General Pants, Dotti) and we just couldn’t understand why we struggled so much in finding pieces that we actually liked! Once again, we hadn’t picked out anything so, we headed through to Chinatown to catch the train. It was there that we decided to stop at one of the cutely adorned boutique stores lined with pastel colours of glitz, shimmer and strange and quirky patterns.

All of the clothing pieces were so detailed and we suddenly had so much inspiration as to how to style clothing pieces, what outfit would look perfect for what event and so on. It was such a breath of fresh air to what was normally sold in the large corporate fashion chains that we instantly said to each other. Ok, I can feel that 2016 our style will change dramatically and for the better.

I’m not saying that places like Forever 21 or H&M are shabby it’s just that we were suddenly surrounded by all sorts of different fashion styles that we were so unused to that it opened our eyes to seeing that fashion and styling outfits can incorporate your personality and not just the latest trends on the runways.

A try on haul of what I purchased from that day will be up soon. But here I have a small visual diary of some of the stores we visited. xx enjoy 🙂


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