Swimming with Sea Snails

Living in Sydney is like a teen living with your very stern and conservative mother. Yes it can be frustrating when you realise how darn expensive everything is (compared to American Sephora or clothing in the UK), and the fluctuating weather conditions where only in Australia is it deemed normal to have hailstones, heatwaves and hurricanes in 24 hours. But at the end of the day, you can’t help but feel grateful and appreciative because you come to realise how special Australia (Sydney) is with its hidden perks. That was how I felt on Wednesday when my friend and I decided to head to Bondi to do the Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk.

We caught the train from central to Bondi Junction and the 333 bus to arrive at our destination. The sun greeted us from the cloudless sky and there was a gently breeze that made its way delicately around us. We knew it was going to be a great day. We started our walk from Bondi Icebergs cafe where, naturally being the prime participants of our tech savvy driven society had to halt briefly to take serene shots of the famous Bondi pool interconnecting the ocean and of course, the start of many snapchats to come.


The trail was easy to follow and had a variety of wide roads that led up quiet streets, to proper hiking grounds overlooking the ocean and even steep stairs bordering the beautiful rocky cliffs. We passed by a playground and decided to ‘warm up’…which kinda led us to being carried away as we re-learnt how to swing on the monkey bars and climb ropes; a technique that was once as familiar as tying our shoelaces only just a few years ago.


The best part about the coastal walk wasn’t the enticing view, but that we passed many small hidden beaches along the way. Our favourite was Tamarama beach where we ventured along the rocks to discover these beautiful shallow rock pools. We stopped there to cool off and the water was so clear that we could even see my friends nude nail polish underwater. Obviously, if two girls went to a beach and didn’t take photos, did they really go? We took turns taking photos of each other ‘in-motion’ aka instructing the other which angles to take when to take it and which was the best shot to make their ass look better. We forgot to bring towels but because the sun was out, we sat on the pile of rocks merging with the shallow waters and dried off in seconds.


Continuing our walk, we also discovered an outdoor gym playground where we did 10 sets of pull ups, situps and arm raises where you had to pull your own weight. And man do your realise how heavy you are once you start lifting your ownself…

The next of our favourite beaches that we passed was Gordons Bay, a small strip of beach with hardly any waves because of the rocks that stood near the shore. It was here where we discovered a slice of heaven. Towards the rocks there were many pools that were mid stomach deep that were surrounded by pebble like rocks, with gaping holes that led a constant flow of fresh ocean water that pooled in gently. Occasionally, when big waves arrived, by the time it reached into these jacuzzi-like pools, it broke by the rocks which caused the water to become misty and warm that looked like white foam of warm ocean waters. Who would’ve known that these naturally made wonders of hidden gems right in our very backyards. We dried off at the shallow ends and eventually sat on the higher rocks where we felt like mermaids, basking under rays of sunshine and attempting to make creative designs with sea snails. We chickened out as soon as we felt them squirming under our skins.


By the time we reached Coogee, we were exhausted. With a day filled of trekking steep stairs, to sitting under cliff edges where we sort of meditated as we stared in silence at the openness of the sea, to swimming with baby crabs and sea snails in natural rock pools, all we wanted to do was lie there and then for a quick nap. I would like to say we ended the day perfectly with a fresh acai bowl or vegan snacks but…. the hunger got the best of us and we indulged in maccas burgers and fries.

We promised that we would continue this routine on a weekly basis because it really was so invigorating and energetic as we felt our hearts pumping and our foreheads sweating. Hopefully thats a promise we can keep longer than our new years resolutions which we broke within the first few days.


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