The last time I scrabbled a film review on my blog was probably mid last year and since I am still in holiday mode, I have no excuse in impeding a film review blog post as the majority of my sweltering summer nights are consumed with me laying sprawled on my couch under the air con immersed in a film or documentary. One that comes into my mind that I watched last night in fact is psychological thriller ‘Obsessed’. This film actually was recommended by my dad during a conversation we had on the topic of love and divorce in todays society and, after reading the synopsis and finding that Beyonce was in this film, I hastily made my way to Megashare to begin viewing.

The film opens to an idyllic scene of a perfect couple Derek Charles (Ibris Elba) and Sharon (Beyonce) moving into a comfortable home with their toddler. Fuzzy music gushing with romance and love play serenely in the background as the young family stare adoringly into each others eyes and mutter assuringly that this was the right decision into starting their perfect new lives. I know this sounds grossingly cliched and finger down your throat romantic, but there was something innocent yet so genuine that the actors shared that resonated with me and my own experiences, and the subtle ironic reassurances made me anxious as I knew that the film would turn for the worst.

And rightly so, as the next scene is the first of many that makes you jolt in your seat and shake your head nervously as you watch helplessly at the events that unfold. We are introduced to the villain in the elevator as they are the last two people heading to their designated level. She comments briefly on the newspaper he is reading and during the short conversation, she Lisa Sheridan (Ali Larter) drops her papers and being the obedient gentlemen he is, helps scoop them up which leads into an ‘accidental’ contact as her fingers brush his.

I don’t want to get too much into the details but let’s just say that there is a lot of suspense, drugged rape, humiliation, tears and even an intense brawl between the two females. And if the thought of Beyonce slamming the evil villain over the stairs isn’t enough to grab your attention, I don’t know what is.

During the film as I watched the helpless Derek being seduced by Lisa’s evil ways, subtly, emotionally and physically I cant help but bring up the topic of feminism into bay. I was reading an article the other day of this lady who disagrees with calling herself a ‘feminist’ but rather an ‘equalist’, because the word (feminism) itself connotes female preferences over everything else, and the whole topic of misanthropy within feminists who believe that women should have more or extended rights than anyone else simply because they are well, female and give birth. Anyways, those ideas came into my mind as the the police and even the co-workers at Dereks firm dismissed his allegations as ridiculous and melodramatic simply because he was a 6 foot something man and she was a petite doe-blue eyed blonde girl who used her assets and her tears to distort the truth. I mean, who would believe that a man in a relationship with a beautiful wife and young son would not be tempted by the seductive young female at work as they work in the late hours at night together? Even to the point where she spiked his drink and he lay unconsciously as she brought him back to the hotel room… how could a young woman harm this big man? And God forbid if the roles were reversed that even a tiny accusation could result in Derek landing in jail.

Anyways, enough rambling about a highly controversial topic and back to the review of the film. Although its deemed as a psychological thriller, there wasn’t anything psychological because it was plain jane from the start the turmoil of events that would unfold. However, despite being aware of that, it still kept me on edge and made me mutter furiously at the villain in the film and her audacity. Its a comfortable watch and does make you experience the typical fritter of nerves, anxiety and suspense as any psychological thriller film does.



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