7:25am thoughts

It’s a Friday morning and the sun is bursting through the cherry red curtains, prying its way eagerly with golden fingertips to reach the interiors of the house. Outside, the birds are chatting away as they soar overhead, ready to take on the day. It’s 7:25am and I am sitting here wide awake feeling somewhat inspired and motivated. Uni starts next month, my mum and brother return home from Shanghai China in 3 days and I just got a call from my manager at work asking if I could take the 10-6 shift. Life feels so normal, nothing significant is happening really yet at the same time, it feels so different. Every time i realise my age and that I’ve hit the big 20’s makes me jitter with nerves that I am already a fully fledged adult. yet, ironically I still feel like I’m 16 years old (minus the pimples, acne and devastating clothes style…i thought layering singlets were a cute summer choice…)

Now as I type this, i look out my window to the hazy clouds that drift lazily across the skies and it makes me nostalgic of my young life so far. 20 years I’ve been on this earth so far and I’ve already created so many memories. From my childhood growing up in a grocery store with my parents, where my brother and I would create imaginary realms in our heads as we wove our way around milk crates, cardboard boxes and newspaper freebies, to that awkward stage in high school where all i wanted to do was go to those cool high school parties and find a boyfriend, to now, where i currently am studying journalism at a prestigious uni with a beautiful boyfriend who inspires me everyday, interning at a radio statin and working at a part time job that i actually enjoy going to.

I don’t really know where this post is heading to, nor what the point of my blabbering thoughts but its kind of shown that life is precious and instant. One moment you’re 9 years old dreaming or escaping to live in a forest and living a nomadic life (i was seriously considering this at one point) and wondering what kid shows will be on when you arrive home from school, and the next, you’re thinking of your future and what career goal you want to take and where you would love to move to in the world.

Life is forever changing but its so important to remember to live in moment and live passionately, because your hopes and dreams and everything you want one day could soon be just a vivid memory in the near future as you continually evolve to become the person you are today. xx

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