Monochromatic Pairings

Lately I’ve been obsessing with wearing a completed ‘set’ outfit or at least a closely matched outfit since, unfortunately (and lets be real here), who is able to afford a dozen of paired outfits which you can only really get away with wearing at least twice before you begin to look like a cartoon character by wearing the exact same MATCHED outfit every single day.

I like to describe my style as minimalistic and chic with a burst of extravagance whether it be a funky pair of sneakers, a pop of colour on the lips or a rad (fake) septum piercing. So ‘set’ outfits definitely are in my agenda on how to style them to suit any occasion.

Style 1. S&S (Sophisticated & Sexy)


This outfit from Kookai is paired perfectly with its warm neutral tones of off whites and warm greys. One of my go-to outfits for any night-time event whether it be a formal dinner even (layered with an oversized coat or blazer) or a fun girl’s night out clubbing. Because of its simple and sleek design, accessorising with jewellery and makeup makes it so versatile not to mention, both the top and bottom can be paired with almost anything else! It’s ideally a win-win and an ESSENTIAL for any girl to keep in their wardrobe.

Style 2. Hot & Dangerous


This top is the exact replica of the one mentioned above, just in a fiery maroon colour. The second style that I love to play around with is unitary colour schemes; as shown in this one…red. Whenever I apply red lipstick, i instantaneously feel so much more complete, not to mention buzzing with an air of confidence so when I added another layer of red to my look, i felt ready to conquer the night! Red is such a revolutionary colour because it matches (in my opinion) any and every shade of skin colour, is inherently synonymous with words such as sexy, alluring and powerful AND transforms a look from a shabby 5 to a fiery 10!

Style 3. Subtle Leopard


Disclaimer: Don’t mind the excess amount of adorable japanese emojis littered around the picture… I just wanted to emphasise the monochromatic colour schemes of subtle leopard hehe ^_^

I’ve also appreciated the ‘art’ of leopard print designs, clothing and accessory pieces however, I could never personally pull it off without looking like I just walked out of the set of Jersey Shore (no offence to cast or audience members of that show). So, to me taking the inspiration of leopard print patterns and colour schemes, I have incorporated black and beige for an outfit that looks endlessly elegant and vogue-ish.


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