Cheat Guide To Lose Weight (And live a healthier YOU)

Summer is slowly returning as the disastrous cold winds make way for sunshine, warmth and clear skies hitting the streets of Sydney. As it’s officially the final month of Winter (August), it leaves very little time to get our summer bodies back into shape from the past 3 or so months from binge eating next to the heater watching re-runs of Modern family because it was too cold to move anything except your mouth.


I’m not the healthiest person in the world, and my chronic disease of ‘procrastination’ just makes me getting up and moving THAT much harder. Also, I have the biggest sweet tooth and I can never say no to chocolates, especially chocolate chip cookies from Coles that are especially gooey and chewy ^_^ However, my ultimate motivation to get lean and mean was the fact that my friends and I are going to stereo sonic in November; a music festival that showcases the greatest DJ’s and remixes (DJ SNAKE, Peking Duk and Major Lazer just to name a few).

My proudest accomplishment this month was that I signed up to the gym with one of my friends, to motivate each other and just get into the habit of moving on a daily routine, so far we’ve been going every 2-3 days.

I’ve also changed up and started some new healthier adjustments in my life that I thought I would share with you. But the most important tip from me which I have learnt the hard way is that it takes a bit of time to actually see results. Persistence is key, and if you slip and cave in on that chocolate bar IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU GIVE UP AND SNACK ON 120878264 MORE!!

Here are my TOP 5 tips that I find work most efficiently:

  1. Exercise for at least 15 minutes a day, whether it is something as simple as walking around your street. What I enjoy doing that is the most satisfying to me is following a video of Blogilates, or googling a fitness routine sheet on google images and blasting my music real loud to motivate me. Butt exercises are my favourite because hey, who wouldn’t want a booty like Kim’s.
  2. Start with a big breakfast that ensures that you are full, then continue the day by shrinking your meal portion size. I find that this is the quickest way to shed some pounds, particularly if you have a tiny dinner. I normally start my day with two pieces of toast with nutella or avocado and eggs and pieces of fruits, then a snack, a small lunch such as a sandwich with potato chips with vegies, then either a fruit and nut bar (or chocolate if I’m feeling too peckish) and finish the day with a vegetarian dinner and fruit.
  3. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day! The majority of our society (this feels like the beginning of one of my communication lectures) are dehydrated, from drinking as little to 1 glass of water a day! Whenever Im out all day and forget to bring a bottle of water, I feel sluggish and the first thing I do when I get home is skull a bottle or 2 of pure water. As you all know, water has soo many benefits from flushing out toxins, increasing your metabolism, cures fatigue and (surprise!) aids in weight loss. I started drinking 2 litres of water a day in high school once I started getting heaps of acne and ever since then, my body naturally stopped craving soft drinks and even juices and up to today, I rarely drink sugary liquids unless Im  eating out and order an iced tea.
  4. Replace your knives and forks with chopsticks. This may seem silly at first, but when you use chopsticks, you are essentially putting a smaller portion of food in your mouth, making you finish whatever meal you’re eating longer than if you used a spoon or fork. And it takes 20 minutes for your brain to acknowledge if you are full or not, so the longer if takes for you to eat, the more you chew, sending signals to brain that you have been eating a WHOLE LOT and registering  that you’re full since you’re taking your time. Something as small and simple as this really makes a whole lotta difference guys!
  5. And finally, try to walk as much as you can. Not only do I get off the stop before and walk, sometimes when I finish uni, I take the longer route just so that I am moving as much as possible. Walking has many benefits such as toning your calves, thighs and even your butt, but all the oxygen you’re breathing in as opposed to sitting on a crowded bus actually makes you smarter as the more oxygen filtering through your brain, the more awake and faster your respond to certain things.


So, here are my top 5 tips and tricks for a lazy girl’s (and guy of course, I do not support any forms of sexist discrimination) guide to being THAT much healthier and skinnier 🙂


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