A Picture Tells A Thousand Words.

People say that our life is but a mere interpretation, a huddle of our thoughts, emotions and stories melded into one. The saying ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ revealing how although we are all human, made of the same skin, flesh and bones living on this same Earth, our experiences are individually, drastically different.

It’s kind of like art. How each viewer, staring at the exact same painting, visual or template will gather their own interpretation of what that ‘art’ is through their assortment of jumbled up personal experiences and viewpoints. I’m not exactly an ‘artsy’ person. I cannot and I really mean it when i say that I cannot draw to save the life of me (and the whole human race if ever I was presented in that dilemma). However, when I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney yesterday, it was overall a lovely experience and I soaked in as much as I could.

There were 2 levels of artwork pieces sprawled throughout, and the main theme centering the art space focused on ‘energies’ (light and dark). It was pretty fascinating entering the level of ‘light’ energies where the room literally buzzed, sending waves that tingled your body. It was all interactive art pieces, as 3D spaces shared a meaning of Australian culture and identity in the modern world. My favourite installation was a massive dark hall/room, representing the ‘dark’ energies with a wall slideshow of bright images, shapes and patterns. There was a spot in the centre of the room where one person stands on and it appeared to somehow be able to control the movements through the senses of hand and arm action, reminding me of an interactive sci-fi game from the future.


There were lots of dark rooms with a slideshow presented with spark colours which I thought was a perfect opportunity to play around with body shadows by standing in front of it.

My friend and I didn’t really understand most of the art pieces such as the television with a still image of an owl flashing on and off, or a silent video of a man hobbling on a skateboard over looking the ocean. However, we took it all in and it was fun expanding our imagination and trying to interpret the artists vision sticking to this theme of ‘energies’ and contemporary art.

Museums are a fantastic opportunity to really let your mind wander and almost therapeutic in a way as you gaze at a piece of work that is boundless with interpretation and meaning.

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