Winter Must-Haves 2015

Winter has officially arrived in the land down under… And i’m already missing Summer ='( We are now halfway through with the year which is totally so surprising as reflecting on 2015 so far, it felt like last week where I was just beginning the first semester of uni. I was born in January so my disdain for the colder months of the year can be partly blamed towards me being a Summer baby. My tan is slowly but surely disappearing, the only physical remnants I have of the lovely adventures I had over the course of this Summer. Speaking of disappearing, my summer body I’ve attained has also decided to leave upon the arrival of Winter. However, despite having to wear layers of clothing and suffering the beauty of looking like Rudolph everytime I go out, I must admit, winter does come with cute clothes and trends. So here we have it, my current favourite winter essential and faves of 2015. 1. Oversized Coat g57e6i-l-610x610-coat-fur-faux-fur-jacket-faux-fur-coat-jacket-winter-winter-coat-winter-jacket-warmth-streetstyle-street-street-style-models-models-off-dutytumblr_mt8k68q49c1qlgn6ho1_5003630-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Giorgia-Tordini-New-York-City-SoHo-Street-Style-2012_AKS5823 This is pretty much as crucial as wearing sunscreen for the Summer. A quality, oversized coat to keep you all rugged up in the Winter is a must have! And the more over-sized, the better as you can literally throw it over any under clothing whether it be a simple basic top or a cute cropped halter to keep you warm when you’re out and about. 2. Scarves 1d858d987a32e6ce6f57ec68ddc900d5 screen-shot-2015-03-04-at-11-37-18-am3630-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Giorgia-Tordini-New-York-City-SoHo-Street-Style-2012_AKS5823 Scarves are definitely a must have for my winter essentials collection. They are so versatile and are the ultimate jewellery pieces for the Winter. As you can probably tell by now, my style is very minimal yet tweaked with an added item to add in that ‘classy’ or ‘edgy’ factor…whichever I’m feeling on a particular day. This year Ive been obsessed with the really chunky sweater material scarves that not only amp up any outfit but keeps you so snuggled up. Not to mention a life saver when you’re on public transport and the enclosed spaces reek of the hundreds of other commuters with you coughing all over the place. 3. Black Jeans aa0d3c4665f6bd7290c35253b4316c41 army-black-fashion-jacket-skinny-jeans-street-style-favim-com-95004 black-jeans-tumblrgallery-for-black-jeans-tumblr-0kmudquo-2yhc80gttiwhwfaw6l1ibu I feel like black jeans are essential for every season because of it’s slimming factor and its ability to pair with any outfit. However, in the winter time especially it is a must-have simply because it emulates the weather; dreary, bleak and dull. My Leigh jeans with rips on the knees are my go-to jeans whether I’m heading to uni, work, a lunch catch up with friends or even going out at night, black jeans cannot go wrong. 4. Turtleneck Sweaters olivia 15f3fbb0fedc9ab4e7a173bc07dc794f 2940c28d8559ed4afcd278de2278a87b These are definitely a trend that I picked up recently. Turtlenecked sweaters have suddenly returned back to the fashion realm with a complete makeover. Say hello again to those drabby turtlenecked sweaters that your gran used to knit at Christmas when you were younger (even though its Summer at Christmas here in Australia). Just last week I ordered 4 turtlenecked sweaters of various lengths, but sticking to my minimal colours of nudes, greys and blacks. They are so effortlessly chic and terribly cute especially oversized ones paired with knee high boots, or a simple sweater over classic blue jeans. 4. Statement bags street-style-turtlenecks-8 c4553a4c4b7b09e5fcc0c336ddf7ffdb b4a883b80010506ac88d516a6fd315d1 Winter is the perfect time to retrieve those bold and brightly coloured bags that you’ve had in hiding all year due to you never being bothered lugging around such a piece in the hotter seasons. Statement bags that burst with colour and patterns and all sorts of textures are great for winter when you’re all dressed in darker more neutral colours and need that oomph in your day to day style. Personally, in the summer time i would only carry my phone, wallet and keys which would be shoved in my pocket of held in my hands because I just felt like holding such a big thing would make me sweat even more. And its just another little tip of many that I have to transform a simple outfit when you just don’t have time or are struggling with what to wear. 5. Nude Lips image kylie-jenners-rumored-lip-injections-spark-talka23f416b4b6a9cce86c1e1b06ef4159a Yes I must admit, Im a sucker for the whole Kylie Jenner lip trend (no pun intended) with over lining the lips to create that gorgeous plumped up look. But to an extent, over doing it dramatically just looks ridiculous… One thing i cannot stand is the feeling of dry, chapped lips so please ensure that your lips are moisturised before applying ANY OTHER lip product. Nude lips are so gorgeous on any skin tone and are just the epitome of cool, sophisticated and collected.

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