Vivid Sydney 2015

So last Friday my boyfriend and I headed to Vivid Sydney 2015 and all in all, it was simply breathtaking. We didn’t go to the main attraction at Circular Quay just because we knew that it would be brimming with people, but the real reason (and more importantly) was that we were too lazy to walk all the way to the other-side of the city since we were already 5 mins away from Darling Harbour.

As soon as we arrived at the top of the stairs descending down the Harbour we were immediately taken aback. The wharf was transformed with these huge water features in the centre of the wharf that shone with brightly coloured lights that illuminated the water fountains, making it appear to be dancing to the rhythm of the music. In the background, stood the Novo Hotel and it too was ornamented with lights that dazzled to the beat of the music, an array of light and sound explosion.

Although the night was windy, we were well prepared with our oversized coats as we strolled around the Wharf basking in the night life of youngsters on their way to a club, families hushing their toddlers, the aromas of seafood, grilled ribs and crepes and of course, each others company.

There was also a ferris wheel which I was dying to go on, but the line extended all the way to the back of the ferris wheel and retracting towards the Darling Harbour food court.

For dinner we went to Grill’d and indulged in these mouth-watering burgers. I chose a beef burger called  something along the lines of ‘Summer time’ which had pineapples, tomatoes, lettuce, beef, bacon and sauce and my boyfriend had a classic chicken burger with chicken (duh), lettuce, tomatoes and sauce. However, my burger was way too large and i found it nearly impossible to chow down without spilling the contents all over the plate (and myself) so, we swapped burgers 🙂 On the side we also had hot chips with herbed sauce.

The night ended well, as we walked towards the Star Hotel, with these sounds of bass drums luring us. When we neared the hotel, we came across rows of neon blue lit bass drums, with people banging on them endlessly; a barrage of thunder. And of course, being the kids we are, we had to have a go on them, although it was a bit of a disappointment because it literally sounded like hitting an empty water tank with not pitch whatsoever. The trees around us had these special light effects of a firework display, so it looked like the trees were erupting with fireworks. And to make it seem more realistic, there were firework sound effects to make it seem the more unreal.

We also headed to the Star Hotel and ended up in an outdoor porch/balcony overlooking this massive tree that reminded us of an exotic treehouse. Ironically, we actually spent more time gazing at that tree bursting with adventure and stories than looking at the light show. We chatted about random topics such as what it would be like to live in India or Dubai, and travelling.

Overall, although our Vivid experience wasn’t as interactive, it was pleasant and the water-light display was simply magical. We don’t really like to follow the trend and go where the main attractions are simply because we don’t really care a great deal about  what’s ‘hot’. But perhaps next year we will go see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge light exhibition.


  1. I went to Vivid on Saturday, and I have to say, it was gorgeous but there was just so many people! It was so packed that trains weren’t even stopping at Circular Quay, and because of the excessive amount of people, I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I had expected. Me and my friends ended up spending majority of the night in a club which was significantly more comfortable lol. Glad to hear you had a good time though!

    1. wow really, I did hear that it was so overpacked but not to the point where the train didn’t even stop at circular quay.. !
      Which club did you go to? Tbh that seemed like such a good idea 🙂 and thank u I’m glad you and your friends had a better off time clubbing 🙂

      1. Yes it was insanely packed, we had to get off at Wynard and walk. We went to ‘The Argyle’ in the Rocks, would definitely recommend it if your out in the city, it was fantastic.

      2. Ooh Ive heard of that place and definitely want to check it out… and now that my uni holidays has started it gives me the perfect excuse too 😛

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