So i have returned

So I have returned…

No I was not eaten alive by a swarm of bees, I just very guiltily neglected this blog for a while… ^_^

The last time I wrote was just before the mid semester break and now i am back and the semester is just about finished with one more class to go and 2 assignments to submit in 2 weeks :—) I VOW to add more effort into my blog and although i can make up excuses that i was preoccupied with uni, my job, my internship and balancing my social life (not really considering the only person i saw really was my bf), the bottom line is, i just wasn’t feeling motivated/inspired as to what to post.

But after watching this interview of these two sisters who are self-employed fashionistas from Dubai, and listening to their work ethic and their success stories and how much luxury and opportunity they received as a result of their passion and consistency really was the kick that i so desperately needed.

These past few months i have felt that I have definitely grown and stepped out of my comfort zone in many ways than one. The biggest accomplishment was my group assignment for uni where we had to reinact a a QandA scene, represent a particular person and debate/discuss on their behalf. My hands were clammy and cold and my heart nearly pulsated out of my body and onto the table in front of me (and the whole class including my tutor who is also our lecturer for the subject). However, i stood my ground, maintained eye contact and acted confidently which allowed me to do my part for the group (and prove to myself) that i could overcome my horrid fear of public speaking.

My internship at a particular fashion corporation which i don’t want to name for privacy reasons also has opened a new path of confidence for me. I feel as though I’m learning so much about the business sector in fashion and PR. Not only that, the girls who i work with and for also have intrinsically helped me be more outspoken. I’ve learnt that one’s outfit definitely changes our whole outlook on your day and life. In high school, i never dared to express my fashion sense because all i wanted to do was fit in with the crowd. And that logic stuck with me all the way until just recently, where Ive realised that people admire uniqueness. Personally, I’ve realised that if i put on an outfit that i admire on say celebrities or just an outfit where i initially wouldn’t think to pull off, it adds a boost of unreal confidence. I suddenly transform into this outgoing, approachable, sassy girl. It allows myself to shine from the outside in.

Anyways, this post is completely muddled with my thoughts and I’m just frantically trying to catch up from where i left off last time. Ive got some very exciting blogpost ideas i want to work on and will project them soon! Next week, my boyfriend and I are going to Vivid Sydney 2015 which I’m so excited about because i missed out last year and this year, the light shows and exhibitions look so spectacular especially with how engaging the whole experience seems to be. Definitely look out for a blog post all about that next week!

As for now, Im going to just stay focused on uni, and stay motivated for my passions.
Going to spend the rest of my day (or evening) starting on my uni assignment, watching my guilty obsession with the real housewives of beverly hills and scrolling through tumblr (

Stay warm, stay happy and stay fab Xx

Ps I would love to chat to you readers so comment down below literally anything (how your day has been, what you would like to see more of on my blog or where you’re from) 🙂

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