Septum Jewellery Taking A Stand

I’m normally not one to be infatuated with piercings, tattoos or any shenanigans related to those sorts, but lately, Ive come across a lot of the whole septum piercing trend on social media, and kinda became obsessed…

I must admit, when I first familiarised myself with septum piercings in the beginning of the year, i didn’t think much of it other than a silly trend that would soon disappear into the cyber world. However, this past month, i suddenly realised how effortlessly ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’ it looks. They’re the perfect accessory that adds that dimension of the mysterious girl you see on the bus, or the effortlessly chic girl in high school who you simultaneously daunted yet captivated by.

Personally, i believe that anyone can pull this off, no matter what face shape, skin colour, or other physical feature you believe won’t match it…. BUT (in my personal opinion) you do need to have some degree of makeup. Just throwing it on and walking out the door will inadvertently make it seem like you a gypsy druggie from the 70’s (no offence to any gypsy druggies from the 70’s era, stay groovy). The more dramatic the eye look is, and the bolder the lips are, and the better you’ll look with a septum.

And a last statement ill like to point out, septum piercings always, ALWAYS make me feel like a bolder person. I feel so bold, so confident and so full of sass and adventure! Here are a few of my fave septum piercing looks.

OH and lastly yet most importantly, my septum piercing is of course a fake. They’re great for partying and social occasions yet not so appropriate when you’re at work or in a professional field ^_^


Rihanna looking like a goddess per usual. I love how she manages to look adorable AND sexy at the time. Only Rihanna the goddess can pull that impossible look off.


Scarlett Johannson looking more perfect than usual with the added septum ring. And I just learnt a new lazy girls transformaiton beauty trip, whip on a pair of oversized sunnies (to conceal any evidence of last nights partying) and plop on a fake septum piercing and you’re ready to conquer the day.


This was the original photo i saw on tumblr of FKA Twigs and A$AP that inspired me to make this post. Two ethereal humans in the one picture… also, the original definition of cool.

And lastly, I had to upload myself wearing this gorgeous septum ring from Sportsgirl that i purchased this week ^_^ (The whole look took less than 5 minutes as i quickly applied brown eyeliner and smudged it to give it that effortless look and wore pink lipstick)


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