MINKPINK Warehouse Haul

When I first decided to create my blog, I thought it would be more fashion/beauty focused. However, being lazy old me, i kept putting these types of posts off because I had to take photos, create outfits, change outfits, download them onto my laptop etc etc. But when I woke up today, I vowed to put my procrastination at bay and show you guys what I purchased yesterday at the MINKPINK warehouse sale at the Entertainment Centre at Moore park.

The sale goes on for 3 more days and it was pretty full on. Clothes littered the floors and you couldn’t walk a few stops without stepping on a knitted cardigan or tripping over a halter top. Girls were getting changed behind racks and it all reminded me of a pe gym room; a bunch of girls giggling and chatting away loudly as they roamed around the hall.

Here are the items I picked up yesterday 🙂



A MINKPINK halter top- $10

tumblr_nmkuxhFluA1sh985lo7_250 tumblr_nmkuxhFluA1sh985lo1_250-2

An EvilTwin top-$20

tumblr_nmkuxhFluA1sh985lo4_250-2 tumblr_nmkuy5vXWG1sh985lo3_500-2 tumblr_nmkuy5vXWG1sh985lo2_250-2

A Staple dress-$30


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