A room of one’s own; Houses that burst with stories and forgotten dreams

After submitting the final assessment for uni before the mid semester break, i breathed the sigh of relief I’ve been holding over the past few weeks of stress and tension. These following 3 weeks will consist of me relaxing behind the screen of my Macbook pro, scrolling endlessly on Tumblr and straining my eyes as I watch movie after movie and guilty tv pleasures (The real housewives of Melbourne is a show i VOW not to share with the rest of the world). And of course, browsing through home design websites and envisioning what my future home will plan out will also consume possibly 80% of my free time.

My style has always been modern, sleek with a comfy ‘homey’ element of warmth. I love my technology, so simple sophistication tweeked with modern silvers and whites will always be my preference. However, this ‘industrialised’ vibe that is coming across from my description must consist of neutral tones. These include anything that has meaning, from antique statues, family photographs, intricate paintings and soft carpets, plush donnas and objects that emanate a personality. I love looking at a room that tells a story of who the resident is, from the books scattered on the tea table, to a collage of german shepards sprawled above their bed, maybe they’re a nature enthusiast through the lined up pots of greens above the kitchen sink.

I fall in love with things that have a back story behind it. When my grandmother was alive, she would collect these beautiful angel figurines from door to door sales, nicknamed in the 80’s as the ‘avon lady’. But not only that, she was a big collector in the finely crafted things. Anything that sparkled, brooches, rings, bracelets she would buy. Grandiose paintings of enchanted forests, or musical boxes that played angelic tunes, and mini statues that radiated happiness she would collect. She has passed onto me, a collection of figurines that have added warmth and stories to my room. A candle engraved with singing angels and harps now holds my rings and bracelets. Delicately embellished statues of ladies from the bourgeoise sits as a book holder. And once I move out, I’m going to bring these precious collections with me and pass on my grandmother’s fascination and interests with me.

I guess my ‘curious’ personality radiated out into my passions of home-decor. They say that a picture tells 1000 words, and that directly implies to my preference on room designs. A house, or room tells someone stories of forgotten dreams, dishevelled boat crafts sits on the mantle piece, slowly collecting dust as dreams of becoming a professional sailor was once the epitome of their thoughts. Records and a record player reveal who they listen to, and so on, and so forth.

Here a couple of photos of rooms that are bursting with stories of the home-owners passions. Hope you enjoy xx





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