Month: April 2015

MINKPINK Warehouse Haul

When I first decided to create my blog, I thought it would be more fashion/beauty focused. However, being lazy old me, i kept putting these types of posts off because I had to take photos, create outfits, change outfits, download them onto my laptop etc etc. But when I woke up today, I vowed to put my procrastination at bay and show you guys what I purchased yesterday at the MINKPINK warehouse sale at the Entertainment Centre at Moore park. The sale goes on for 3 more days and it was pretty full on. Clothes littered the floors and you couldn’t walk a few stops without stepping on a knitted cardigan or tripping over a halter top. Girls were getting changed behind racks and it all reminded me of a pe gym room; a bunch of girls giggling and chatting away loudly as they roamed around the hall. Here are the items I picked up yesterday 🙂 A MINKPINK halter top- $10 An EvilTwin top-$20 A Staple dress-$30

A room of one’s own; Houses that burst with stories and forgotten dreams

After submitting the final assessment for uni before the mid semester break, i breathed the sigh of relief I’ve been holding over the past few weeks of stress and tension. These following 3 weeks will consist of me relaxing behind the screen of my Macbook pro, scrolling endlessly on Tumblr and straining my eyes as I watch movie after movie and guilty tv pleasures (The real housewives of Melbourne is a show i VOW not to share with the rest of the world). And of course, browsing through home design websites and envisioning what my future home will plan out will also consume possibly 80% of my free time. My style has always been modern, sleek with a comfy ‘homey’ element of warmth. I love my technology, so simple sophistication tweeked with modern silvers and whites will always be my preference. However, this ‘industrialised’ vibe that is coming across from my description must consist of neutral tones. These include anything that has meaning, from antique statues, family photographs, intricate paintings and soft carpets, plush donnas and …